Choose the cover for sofa to give fresh look



You can change your cover for sofa to give fresh look and fit with the latest trends. Cover of the sofa gives you many benefits include refresh your sofa look and protect from the dust and scratch. If you want to buy cover of sofa this guide may help you to find the fit in.

Best buy cover for sofa 

There are many options of cover sofa that you can buy in the market. This list option can inspire you to find the recommended one.

  • Great Bay Home slipcover velvet plus.

This is cover sofa that flexible and easy to slips to update the upholstery. The cover design with no-strap style gives the sleek look and the snug fit also work double as dust mite function that makes your guest peace of mind when snooze on it.

  • Adalyn reversible sofa size protector.

This is the cover of sofa that best option for special occasion that meet with pet or kids.

  • Ikea erktop sofa cover.

This is the most favorite sofa cover. It has wide range of shade so you can choose the one that fit with your exist decor.

  • Perfect fit 2-piece sofa slipcover.

This is a form fitting sofa cover that has soft feel and subtle gridded pattern. Please note that this is the best option for freshen and give new look to your old sofa.

  • Darby home 2-piece slipcover set.

This is the streamline option to choose as it is elasticized and have 2-piece construction that ideal for those who does not want to be noticeable. It gas sophisticated gray color and safe securely for children to play around it.

  • Sure fit cotton duck sofa T-cushion slipcover.

This is perfect option for those who covet with modern aesthetic farmhouse. It has sophisticated and relaxed look and available to remove easily and adjusted with its tie sides design.

  • Pottery barn fit slipcover.

If you need long term investment, then this pottery barn slipcover piece is good option. You can choose from several numerous options of material and style to fit with your exist design and style.

Guide to choose cover for sofa 

  • Choose the material. Material is the most important thing as it will define the comfort. The upholstery fabric for slipcover should be made from firm and strong material.
  • Buy the right size. There slipcovers available in different sizes. You need to buy the perfect fit measurement before buy. When you measure, take note to the longest measurement of your furniture include the armchair measurement.
  • Choose the style. Recently, the sofa cover gets more trendiest and stylish. The slipcover becomes not only functional but also fashionable. For those who love traditional looks style, most of it comes best to fit with rounded arms and rectangular sofa and chairs. You also can choose the slipcover that comes with different styles include the modern chic, shabby style, contemporary or classic style.

When you buy slipcover, choose based on these considerations above. This step can help you to find best cover for sofa to meet with your requirement.