Things to Consider Before You Buy A Round Sofa


We all know that a sofa such as the round sofa is one of the most wanted furniture in almost all of the houses across the whole world. Most of the houses need a sofa in the living room, the family room, the basement, or the bedroom. Not only a sofa is one of the most wanted furniture, but it is also one of the biggest furniture investments.

Why an investment? That is because no matter how many times you are moving or how many times you change other smaller furniture, the sofa will remain either in the living room or you move it to the living room or to your bedroom. Before you know it, many years have passed and you are still using the same sofa you bought so many years ago. That is why it is very important for you to give some serious thought before buying a sofa for your house. You need to consider the quality, the style, the durability, and many more. Therefore, if you happen to want to buy a round sofa for your house but you do not know what to consider, then keep on reading this article. We will help you by giving you some helpful tips before you buy the sofa.

How to Check the Quality of the Sofa

The first thing which you can do to check the quality of the round sofa is by testing the sturdiness. A good quality sofa should feel solid and heavy. The way to test it is by flopping around on one to test the sturdiness and then lift the corner and shake it a bit. If it feels light or wobbly, then it is not good. You also need to look at the frame’s material. The recommended frame’s materials are kiln-dried hardwood such as oak, alder, birch, maple, high-quality hardwood plywood, marine plywood, eight-way, hand-tied springs, and sinuous S-shaped springs.

The second thing which you can do to check the quality of the round sofa is by examining the cushions. Most of the sofa cushions have a core of polyurethane foam. The denser the foam, then the heavier it is and the longer it will last. In cheap sofas, the cushion is filled only with polyurethane foam core. In medium-range sofas, the core is wrapped with Dacron batting. As in high-quality sofas, there are two kinds of cushions. The poly-down cushions which have mixed with the batting and the spring-down cushions which feature a core of springs and foam and feathers.

The third thing to do to check the quality of the round sofa is by checking the joints and frame. High-quality sofas have joints which are double nailed and fitted with corner blocks which are both glued and screwed. Also, the legs have to be a part of the frame not just attached to it.

Sofa Placement

Now, after you know how to check the quality of the sofa, it is time for you to know tips on how to place the round sofa in your house so it will fit perfectly with your house design. The first thing you can do is by looking for the sofa which can complement the decor in your house. For example, if the interior in your house is traditional, then you can buy a sofa with rolled arms, a contoured back, and skirting or tufted cushions.

The next thing which you need to do is by getting the round sofa with the right size. You need to consider the proportion of the room and decide what height, length, and depth of the sofa will fit perfectly in the room. If you have some doubts, you can set up a footprint on the floor using the masking tape.

The last thing which you need to do is by trying not to overlook the arms of the round sofa. If you are planning to spend a lot of your time lying on the sofa for reading or taking naps, then you have to make sure that the sofa has enough space between the arms. Try not to rely on the overall length as the arms’ width will affect the space between. Also, if you have a limit space, you can try to buy a sofa with low arms or no arms.

A Long-Term Investment

As we have stated before, your round sofa can be your long-term investment. That is why you need to give some serious thought before you buy the sofa so that you will not regret it many years later. There are at least two things which you need to do so that your sofa can hold out for a long time in your house.

The first thing which you need to do when you buy the round sofa is by sticking with neutral colors. Since sofas are a long-term investment, you will want your sofa to stay in fashion as long as possible. That is why it is best to stick with neutral colored fabrics. If you want other colors, you can put them in the pillows because pillows are easy to redecorate as you only need to change the pillowcase.

The next thing which you need to do when you are about to buy the round sofa is by considering the durability. If you have kids at home, then option one which is buying neutral colored sofas is out of the question. The reason is that it will cause a disaster. The best thing to do in this case is that you need to buy dark colored sofas with a subtle overall pattern. Also, for your information, synthetic fabrics are more durable, colorfast, and cleanable. Tightly woven fabrics and other heavy fabrics will also great to fight against wear and tear better than other fabrics. Lastly, you need to avoid statins, brocades, and damasks unless you will not use the sofa too much.

Those are a few helpful tips which you can do before you go and buy the round sofa for your house. Think about it carefully so you will be able to have a great quality sofa.