Family room design? : This is the biggest furnishing faux pas

The curtains are too short, the carpet is too small, one color is too much… How to avoid common furnishing mistakes

Enter the room and immediately feel comfortable? This is the ideal case, especially in your own home! But why does the apartment seem too cold or restless, disharmonious? Home staging professionals are faced with this situation every day when they prepare a home for sale or rent. They can rarely embark on a major renovation job, but must work with the space they find. They found a suitable solution within a short time frame and within a limited budget. This makes them the perfect contact when facing minor interior design difficulties.

We asked professionals what to look for:

The problem: The sofa is against the wall. In Europe, furniture and especially sofas are always propped against the wall, making it seem suffocating, which is what professionals experience in their daily work.

The solution: People can be bolder and let the sofa stand freely, advises professionals. You don’t have to always face the TV either. If you have a beautiful mountain view or an impressive fireplace, it’s best to align your sofa accordingly. So, the back of the sofa does not have to be hidden, but can be seen proudly. Even in small rooms you can leave air towards the walls. The console behind the sofa is also a nice addition.

The problem: The curtains are too short. Half height curtains, don’t do that again. If you use curtains that are too short or no curtains at all, you’re wasting a lot of potential wellbeing, design experts say.

The solution: Even though there are curtains, they fulfill the function of privacy and darkening, but do not provide comfort. “I always put the curtains as high as possible, ideally at ceiling level. And then they have to kiss the ground, that is, hover just above the ground. This gives the room a sense of depth and luxury, even though the rest of the furnishings may not be the newest. Natural materials such as cotton and linen are very suitable for curtains,”. You can also use curtains to hide unsightly window frames.

The problem: The carpet is too small. You Like to use rugs to create different areas in open living and dining rooms. You have a clear rule: you cannot put a two meter long carpet in front of a four meter long sofa because the proportions are not right.

The solution: If the rug is too small, you can place it at an angle towards the furniture instead of in the middle. It works according to the golden ratio rule of photography, only one third of it goes under the sofa. The base under the dining table can also be placed across the table, rather than lengthwise, thus making up for the lack of size.

The problem: you don’t have a green thumb. You know the challenge: “Even though everything is beautifully decorated, it feels like there is no life without plants. I also can’t put potted plants in the apartments I look after because I can’t come to all the properties once a week to water them.”

The solution: “Seasonal cut flowers are always appropriate, whether on the dining table or in a large floor vase. Meadow flowers, grasses, and branches can also be easily collected and arranged during a walk in the woods. Your heart only opens when you come home.” You’ve also been a fan of pampas grass for a long time. Small effort, big effect: Place a large piece of dry grass in a beautiful vase and you will attract attention in the hallway or corner of the room.

The problem: The tiles are getting old. When I deal with heritage properties, I often come across bathrooms with colorful tiles, as was common in the 1970s and 80s. If possible, I at least paint the walls white, but you have to use the tiles as is.

The solution: “The most important basic rule is cleanliness and order in the bathroom. Old bathrooms with pink or light blue colors can be neutralized with white accessories, such as white towels, bath mats and soap dispensers. “The goods may be cheap, but they must look high quality, for example because they taste good,” said the expert.

Another option: bring colorful accessories. But stay in the same color world. Pink tiles can be combined with shades of purple and blue tiles in darker shades of blue. A shower curtain or new plants also add freshness. Wellness products like soap, candles and spices, artfully arranged on a tray or bench, distract from the fact that bathrooms have been around for decades.

The problem: The wrong light is shining. Ceiling lighting alone can never bring mood and harmony to a room, interior design professionals agree.

The solution: For balanced lighting, there must be at least three light sources that emit light in different directions. For example, a floor lamp that emits light upwards and a table lamp that emits light downwards. Indirect light is amazing. And if there is also a dimmer to meet the needs of each room, that’s perfect.