Sleep soundly? Professional tips for buying a mattress

What does a good mattress have to do with car tires? We’ll tell you – and give you helpful tips for buying a Mattress

Lack of sleep affects your mood. The right mattress is crucial to whether we feel rested or tired the next day. But in the midst of so many nearly impenetrable mattresses, you’ll soon forget which mattress is right for you. Experts reveal what things you should pay attention to when buying a mattress, what questions you should ask yourself and the seller and how important the right accessories are.

The first step is buying a mattress. The bad news first: The perfect mattress doesn’t exist. And just reading it before buying is certainly not enough. But there are better and worse ones – and which ones work best for you.

Angela Schramm of German family business Schramm Werkstätten, which is now in its fourth generation of producing high-quality sleep products, recommends thinking carefully before buying a mattress. Think first about what specific features are important to you. Then it will be easier to work with experts. A good sleep consultant will also ask you lots of questions when purchasing.

Before you rush to buy a new mattress, you should determine your budget. We recommend a minimum of 200 euros = 215 USD – for healthy people without symptoms. People with back problems and anyone who wants to prevent them should invest at least 500 euros = 536 USD. After all, you want to use the mattress for several years with the same quality.

But that doesn’t mean a good mattress has to cost a fortune – and an expensive mattress isn’t necessarily the best.

Basic decisions: Common mattress types

Spring mattress. Thanks to their firmness and dimensional stability, spring core mattresses are very popular, especially pocket spring core mattresses. The interior consists of individual steel springs sewn into fabric pockets and connected to each other. They only give in when they are stressed and thus adapt to the body. Bonell’s simple spring core mattress has fewer pocketless springs, is not elastic, is soft and, if so, is more suitable for lightweights.

Spring mattresses provide less insulation than other models. Therefore, they may not be the first choice for the coldest of you. For those who sweat easily at night, yes.

Tip: If you are interested in spring mattresses, you will find information about the number of springs per square meter when doing your research. However, a higher number does not mean the mattress is better. The amount of feathers does not always determine better sleep quality. Ten-wheeled cars are also more likely to drive worse than four-wheeled cars. For example, if too many springs are located too close together, the elasticity of the points will be compromised.

Latex mattress. Latex mattresses have good thermal insulation. These are usually made from natural rubber or synthetically produced latex. They are also very elastic and adapt ergonomically to your spine. However, this type of mattress is quite heavy. Depending on the size, latex mattresses can weigh up to 25 pounds. Here you should also use a springy base. You should also make sure the mattress has handles for easy turning.

Cool foam mattress. In contrast, the original flyweight is a cold foam mattress made from cold foam polyurethane. Like spring core mattresses, they weigh between 11 and 18 kilograms. This mattress is ideal for anyone who gets cold easily. They are also durable and have good point elasticity. However, the plastic it contains can trigger allergies and is therefore not suitable for everyone.

Box spring bed. The reclining system is intended to provide absolute relaxation and exceptional comfort because it consists of several layers: The basic frame – the box spring – is usually made of wood and is already equipped with Bonell springs or pocket core springs. Thick mattresses are placed in these bed boxes, often two mattresses at a time. The mattress top is made of virgin sheep’s wool, horsehair, latex or cold foam, which reaches a maximum of ten centimeters in height.

Important: try it. However, all basic knowledge about spring cores, materials, etc. there’s no point if you don’t test the mattress.

Please spend at least an hour here. If you can relax in bed and lie down comfortably, that’s recommended. Try your favorite sleeping position. If your partner accompanies you when buying, let him and the seller check the alignment of your body and spine at the same time.

Guidelines: When lying on your back, it will be difficult for your flat hands to slide below the lumbar area. Here it is good to lie down with the body and feel the counter pressure so that the body and muscles can relax. You’ll feel like you’re resting lightly – and under no circumstances should you feel like you’re in a hammock.

With many providers, especially online, you can even test a mattress for 30 nights or more. If you don’t like it, send it back.

Don’t hesitate to try five, ten, or fifteen mattresses from different providers. Just test it. No need to rush. Maybe the mattress felt comfortable the first time you lay on it. But there are a number of other factors at play. If you thought your old mattress was too firm, a soft mattress may feel comfortable at first, even though it doesn’t provide proper support or pressure relief. A good expert will help you with his expertise.

Tip: Have you ever had a great night’s sleep in a hotel or other travel accommodation? Ask the staff about the manufacturer.

Mattress accessories are also important! Healthy sleep requires not only the right mattress, but also the right accessories. Experts have the same opinion: The mattress is a system and should always be used according to the idea of ​​the system. For example, snowboarding can only be done with a snowboard and shoes.The mattress comes with a slatted frame, blanket and matching pillow.

People with back problems must have a good body frame. Like a mattress, the base is responsible for supporting the body. Because a good mattress with a bad slatted frame only provides poor lying comfort.

Latex and foam mattresses in particular should always be used with a slatted frame. Corespring and pocketspring mattresses should always be equipped with a suitable spring base mattress.

But a good blanket is also important for the sleep environment. You need a decent pillow to support your neck bones while you sleep. You can only wake up refreshed if all components are well coordinated.