Wood in the kitchen: A trendy natural material

It doesn’t matter whether “on a large scale,” as in the case of a wall unit, or “on a small scale,” when you set the dining table with a wooden breakfast board: it’s rarely easier to let a piece of nature move into your own four walls. At the same time, natural materials are becoming more popular than ever when decorating your home.

A glance at wooden cupboards and their advantages

Although wood may be the oldest natural furniture material, cabinets or shelves made of wood can also be integrated into modern kitchens.

This is partly because wood can be used in many different ways and can be painted, for example. The effects range from classic-rustic to minimalist-modern.

Wooden cabinets meet a variety of visual needs. At the same time, you get benefits, including.

high level of stability

relatively easy to care for because wood is generally solid

the possibility of this furniture can be easily combined with other home accessories in the kitchen

Most importantly, the combination of natural brown wooden cupboards and tables with flowers and other natural elements is flexible.

For more comfort, a wooden dining table

Of course, if the room’s dimensions allow, there’s nothing wrong with turning part of the kitchen into a dining room. A wooden table can create a very inviting atmosphere that skillfully offsets the busyness that unfortunately often comes with cooking.

Demand for dining tables is relatively high. This unique furniture is visually attractive, especially if you notice the details. Chairs that match the table are just as crucial as matching decor items. For example, suppose you choose a classic brown table. In that case, you will benefit from the fact that it can be combined with cushions in various designs: from white to unusual colors, almost anything is permitted and possible here! It’s very flexible.

When choosing a suitable wooden table, among other things, make sure it offers enough space for additional guests. Many models can be expanded in just a few steps, offering much flexibility.

Wooden accessories are popular in the kitchen.

Talking about wood in the kitchen, it would be wrong to speak only on classic furniture. Because there are other accessories that you should think about. A tip: wooden vases can play an equally important role here as boards, bowls, or other decorative items.

When choosing, it is important to consider whether the piece will successfully complement the existing furnishing style. For example, darker wood tones suit more rustic interiors, while lighter versions are ideally combined with a minimalist style.

By the way, wooden kitchen countertops have long been the standard for many trend-conscious hobby chefs. Not only can they be cleaned gently and easily, but they are also ideal additions to cabinets, tables, etc. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of various materials for workbenches in separate articles.


Important basic rules surrounding wooden elements in the kitchen

One thing is sure: wood is a relatively solid and popular material. It plays an increasingly important role in living spaces. If you want to use it in the kitchen, keep the same types of wood and colors, regardless of the room size. For example, if you rely on elegant teak wood, it is best to stick to this style rather than breaking up with beech wood. Otherwise, the room will likely look restless.

However, suppose you’re afraid your kitchen will look too mismatched and want to break it up deliberately (and funny). In that case, you can be bolder with additional materials. For example, different types of wood can be combined well with metal or leather!


A kitchen with wooden elements rarely looks boring. It can stylishly reflect the owner’s taste and be very durable, as cabinets and other high-quality furniture made from this material are also very durable.