Minimalist living room

More space to live
Timeless, elegant, and focused on the important things, a minimalist living room can bring peace to your mind. The golden rule for this style is less is more. However, that doesn’t mean the room has to appear cold and simple. Get maximum inspiration from minimalist interior design ideas.

The right furniture for a minimalist living room

A straightforward sofa, a neat table, and some simple shelves. Little accessories are lovingly chosen and well-placed. Otherwise, there is one thing that is most important in a minimalist living room: pleasant emptiness. You are leading in this highly personal retreat – not your belongings. Here, there is space to think, live, and relax. Therefore, you need to choose the furniture you need carefully.

High shelves, closed cupboards.
Less is more: A light base colour and a maximum of two to three colour accents provide a soothing calm to the eyes. Sleek, simple shelves in grey or cream add height to the room.

Close the door, and you’re good to go: closed cabinet fronts look neater than open shelves. If intended as a shelf, books arranged by size and colour bring visual calm to the room.

Minimalist white
Minimalism means being aware of what you need. This also applies to the dimensions of your furniture. Spacious armchairs? Better not. In contrast, transparent or white acrylic chairs, light sofas and white lacquered tables and sideboards appear light, simple and unobtrusive. Add light flooring – this creates a clear, almost dreamy look. In a room like this, you involuntarily sigh a sigh of relief, and inner peace appears.

A tidy living room requires a little discipline but, most importantly, innovative storage ideas. Cables disappear into the sideboard, and scraps and ends disappear into attractive baskets – the result is a harmonious overall picture.

It’s the mix that’s important.
The colour white exudes clarity, purity and freshness, but it also seems sterile and cold to many people. A dining table made of darker wood, perhaps even a distressed look, brings warmth and rustic charm to the room. Soft contrast that makes your minimalist atmosphere look more comfortable. Your minimalist living room gets a modern touch with furniture with chrome or glass elements: For example, a hidden metal table with a glass top that seems to be waiting for your cup of coffee to be ready.
Several pieces of furniture with many functions
Multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa bed, dining table, or extendable bench, makes minimalism in the living room easier. They provide space and are always useful. If the surfaces remain free, your living room will appear open and clean.

What decoration is suitable for a minimalist living room?
Be it a minimalist children’s room or a living room – the golden rule for this style is: less is more. Of course, this also applies to home accessories. They serve no function and distract from important things. With the following tips, your living room will still have a decorative and individual touch.
A glass table with a pretty picture book, a simple vase with meadow flowers and a simple fruit bowl – you don’t need any more decorations in your minimalist living room. Bright oranges, apples or bananas bring vitamins and a splash of natural colour to your table. Loose groupings give the room a focal point and furnishing structure. Several odd objects look harmonious: three decorative elements in white or grey, arranged in one ensemble – which always looks simple and beautiful.

Nothing lying around here? Appropriate! All accessories and miniature items are stored in a simple white chest of drawers and a beautiful light wooden chest. Only a few personal memorabilia decorate the sideboard or shelves – for example, some pretty shells, family photos or handicrafts. It doesn’t have to be cute or trendy: what makes you smile can last.

Neat doesn’t mean uncomfortable: In a minimalist living room, a few pillows and a blanket in earth colours like “Avocado” or “Mexican Sand” guarantee cosiness. Warm colours and smooth fabrics lighten the overall impression. If you still need to be more consistent, the Wabi Sabi interior design style intentionally focuses on imperfection.
No carpet, no mats, just wide, smooth surfaces: This is how minimalism works in the living room. Dark parquet or laminate floors contrast with bright, modern furnishings. However, a small, comfortable rug made from natural materials is necessary before the sofa. It pampers barefoot runners with its warmth and tickles the senses and soul. How about a lightweight Berber carpet? Classic pieces from Morocco inspire wanderlust and fit perfectly into a modern, minimalist setting.

If the walls remain primarily free, there is still room for imagination. Large format single image in a simple white frame – this creates a harmonious accent. Maximum minimalism is when you frame the white paper. Sounds weird? Try it: Open spaces radiate calm, reflect light and inspire your mind.


Windows are also part of the minimalist trend. Plain, smooth, floor-length curtains in natural colours such as grey or white allow for beautiful views. The vertical axis makes your room appear taller, and sunlight enters unimpeded. With blackout curtains, you can still enjoy privacy at all times.

You can place your minimalist living room with the proper lighting.
One thing in abundance in a minimalist living room is light! Natural light is used during the day, and artificial light is used at night. Recessed lights provide brightness without having to be in the foreground. A simple base and wall strips hide light sources, so minimalism can work.
Always by your side: minimalist floor lamp
The classic is the floor lamp. A minimalist model made of brass with a subtle design that radiates light upwards, indirect lighting emphasizes the spaciousness of your living room. Floor lamps look best next to armchairs.

Use the “corner trick” to get to the reading corner
Table lamp in the living room? Oh yes! A delicate white lamp with a bent arm looks elegant on a side table. This harmonizes with the light colour on the walls and ensures that your sofa section becomes a cosy reading nook. Stylish chrome arc lights also serve this purpose.

Spot on – for your favourite images
Apart from ceiling and wall lights with a modern appearance, LED strip or cove lights are also available. They brighten corners and edges and emphasize empty spaces in your living room. With spotlights or single pendant lights made of stainless steel, your favourite paintings will attract even more attention.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Decorating a minimalist living room is based on the motto: Less is more. Reduce your furniture and accessories to a minimum and organize everything else. Calm shapes and precise lines create a minimalist look. Therefore, your furniture must also be in harmony with this. With bright, multifunctional furniture, you create additional space, making your living room appear more enormous and transparent.

Use shelves with closed cabinet fronts to store your things. This will make your living room look neater and more harmonious. Choose subtle, simple decorative items that further accentuate the minimalist style.

Remember the art of negligence and minimize the number of benches, side tables, and plants to give your living room enough room to breathe.

To decorate your living room minimalistically, you should focus on three central and specific decorative elements. Decorate your apartment with floor-length sheer curtains that let in sunlight and some pillows and blankets in soft colours that provide comfort. Single, simple, large-format images in white frames also provide a harmonious accent.

Minimalist living room: This is what is important
Despite all its rigour, minimalism creates a relaxed atmosphere in the living room. That’s why only the most essential or multifunctional furniture in light colours gets its place nicely. Elements made of wood, glass, chrome or stainless steel provide a finely structured surface or a subtle shine to the eye. Surfaces and walls remain neat and accessible. Some decorative elements bring back happy memories and do not always have to be intact. And the comfort? This can be seen through each of the earth-coloured pillows and blankets. When it comes to lighting, the more, the better. Illuminates all corners of the room, providing transparency and size. This means your minimalist living room exudes a calming calm – for you and your guests.