Kitchen design ideas to completely transform your space

Home is the space where we want to feel most comfortable. Therefore, the room must suit our lifestyle and general need for functionality. We spend a lot of free time in the kitchen, so it’s a good idea to update its appearance occasionally. The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the house. Therefore, choosing the right decoration is a crucial decision to make. Not only for aesthetic purposes, choosing room decoration can make every cooking moment more enjoyable and satisfying. Now, the kitchen functions as a place to cook, and many other activities can be done in the kitchen. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the kitchen concept you want to display, the right colour dominance and the furniture you will use. All three can add beauty to your home kitchen.

The best solutions don’t have to involve a lot of effort and money. Sometimes, the simplest methods can highlight the quality of our interior. Renovation can consist of simple tricks and kitchen design ideas, which we will present to you below, and we will select the most interesting ones. Read the article to learn how to transform your room completely!

Modern and elegant minimalist kitchen designs include simple layouts, neutral colours such as white and grey, and modern materials and furniture such as stainless steel and glass. Good lighting, advanced kitchen technology and efficient storage are also vital elements. A touch of elegance is added through select accessories and ergonomic design, creating a clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.


And we don’t mean that word. Covering walls with white or black tiles has recently become one of the most popular trends. It is important that you do not have to tile the entire room. It is best to cover the hood as opposed to the rest of the painted walls. The white rectangular tiles match the light indigo colour in the rest of the kitchen – and with many other colours you can find for yourself.

Kitchen Design Ideas – A little of this, a little of that

Who needs boring kitchen design ideas? This place should be busy and in a good way! Don’t be afraid to combine lots of textures and colours because, in the end, it can make the whole room balanced. One way to achieve this is to use the following types of kitchen design ideas:

Add grey (or another dark colour) to the walls to contrast with light-coloured furniture.

Add metal kitchen appliances, either silver or brass, to warm up the look a bit.

Lastly, some wood—or, if lucky, you already have wood floors—will complete the look.

It doesn’t look too busy and gives the impression of a calm and friendly space. Remember that balance has many components!

Texture on the wall

We talked a little about tiling your walls. Now it’s time to think bigger! What if you could apply different textures to your walls? There are several ways to spice up your decor, such as using attractive wallpaper or wall panels. You can choose rustic florals or modern and minimalist wood; you are only limited by your vision. And what about photo wallpaper? This may seem like a risky idea, but the worst thing that can happen is that you must tear it down and repaint your kitchen. Of course, in attractive new colours! You can check out some more colourful kitchen design ideas online to help you with this.

Kitchen Design Ideas – Mirror Illusion

This reflective surface can bring magic to your room. And in a real sense, by adding a shiny table or mirror to the wall, you can make your room appear larger. The first thing you have to do is choose the best lighting. Whether it’s big windows or the proper lighting, the more light in your room, the better. For your kitchen, choosing a smooth stone countertop that reflects light is best. Stainless steel is also suitable for kitchens that want to reflect as much light as possible. You can even experiment with stones and mirrors on the walls as long as they don’t distract from the rest of the room. Dark, smooth stone worktops create depth in the kitchen, primarily designed in light colours.

Semi-Open Kitchen Design Frameless Glass Partition

A kitchen interior with frameless glass walls is the most minimalist way to create a kitchen divider from the rest of the house. These glass partitions allow for maximum visibility and prevent smoke or cooking odours from entering other areas of your home.

Glass walls with black frames are a trendy and characteristic touch to frameless glass partitions. Kitchen designs that use larger panels and thin frames usually work well. This concept suits those who want a more minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, while a kitchen design that uses a thicker frame works better for homes with an industrial interior theme.

Folding dividers in a bi-folding design, framed or frameless, will give your convertible kitchen a unique look. You can quickly close the kitchen windows during meal preparation or when the AC is on and open them when the kitchen is clean. A design that means your kitchen can still be hidden if it’s messy without feeling like a closed room.

The following way to adapt folding dividers on a smaller scale is to turn them into windows. The folding window designed above the table makes the kitchen aisle where serving food is easier and more enjoyable. You can also install cutouts on kitchen walls or hang cabinets to form just windows, similar to a drive-through or pop-up cafe concept.

50 colors… one color

Do you have a favourite colour for your kitchen? Well, who says you can only use it in one configuration? Applying several shades of the same colour is a smart way to create beautiful depth in your kitchen. Additionally, a single-colour palette can provide a calm, organized look. This can also be a space to create interesting contrast, and any wood or brass accents are welcome.

Below: Blue has many shades, such as Indigo, navy, and berry, which are the most dominant. These are complemented by light wood panels on the floor. Black kitchen appliances help create a balanced and attractive look.

With colour play, you can completely change the atmosphere of the kitchen. Adding a little colour lets you adjust the room up to 180 degrees. Playing with colour can make your kitchen look more lively and unique.

Don’t use colours randomly, but use colours with a specific purpose. For example, using a combination of green or blue, you can use a base colour followed by another colour to accent a particular area. Besides that, you can also play with colours with natural tones and add brighter colours to certain elements, for example, white on the walls and bright colours like yellow on shelves or benches.

One of the colours that is very popular at this time is grey. Gray itself is classified as a neutral colour that is easy to combine with any colour. The warm gray color provides a good look with a matt and gloss finish. Apart from that, this colour is also very versatile because it can be combined with any colour. This colour also has a trendy and stylish impression and a minimalist impression.

White Kitchen Design

As one of the rooms that get dirty most easily, many people avoid all-white colours for the kitchen. However, all minimalist designs are generally synonymous with white, including the colour of the kitchen. The all-white minimalist kitchen design is very suitable for those not afraid of getting dirty and diligently cleaning the kitchen. You can apply this all-white colour to all kitchen parts, including the colour of the walls, furniture and kitchen equipment. 

With white, the colour choice for your minimalist kitchen remains simple and hassle-free while also looking modern and elegant. There is no cleaner or fresher colour than a crisp white kitchen. An all-white minimalist kitchen displays the latest kitchen trends and has even been popular for a long time. The white colour gives the kitchen a minimalist impression, making it more spacious, clean, and tidy. To make kitchen maintenance easier, choose furniture with slippery materials to make it easier to clean.

Kitchen Design with a Monochromatic Scheme

Undoubtedly, an all-white kitchen design can give the impression of a kitchen that always looks fresh, stylish and elegant. However, as previously mentioned, maintaining an all-white kitchen takes work and effort. Additionally, an all-white kitchen may give the impression of a stylish kitchen, but this look may look too stark and clinical. Therefore, you can consider a monochromatic theme in your kitchen for a chic and practical look.

Replace at least one or two kitchen elements with colours and textures other than white. For example, you can use darker colours on walls with a monochrome theme, such as black or grey. To make the kitchen more practical, you can use work surfaces that are not white to reduce maintenance hassles. Consider a matt satin or semi-gloss finish for more accessible care and an elegant look. Apart from that, you can use wood or natural stone on the kitchen floor to give a more contrasting impression to the shiny white cupboards.

Focus on beautiful materials.

Coloured stone has beautiful patterns and can be used for kitchen countertops and walls to add texture and personality to a minimalist kitchen scheme. This is how to create a minimalist kitchen. Combine it with simple kitchen cabinets so that the overall appearance looks decades old but maintains a minimalist side. To avoid a room looking too cold or clinical, add layers of warm metals such as gold, brass, and copper and use wood on the floors and kitchen cabinets to increase visual interest. A luxurious finish will always attract attention and look striking in a minimalist kitchen setting. Contrasting textures are essential, so combine different surfaces to strike the right tone.

Modern retro

The massive return of retro style is the dominant trend today. Whether it is rustic style, traditional Nordic style or designs from previous centuries, they are all welcome in our homes. But you can still be creative with everything. But how? As simple as possible: mix everything in moderate proportions. For example, if you like the Nordic style, decorate your room with lots of wood and simple patterns that create a calm, minimalist look. Now, it’s time to add a little contrast. Beautiful purple curtains can give your room a more stylish and luxurious look like the 19th century. Then, to ensure your space is inviting and comfortable enough, add some gold brass accents that will bring a bit of rustic style to your home.

The results are excellent because you take a little of everything to create your space. It’s retro and modern at the same time and looks better than ever.

Creative accent

Some objects may seem strange when viewed out of context. But when you add them to the right interior project, they add a new touch to the whole thing. Whether it’s a ceiling lamp in a crazy shape or decorative kitchen appliances in bright colours, these are the accents that make your kitchen unique. Feel free to experiment with luxury assets because that’s how you’ll discover your true style. Put some rare plants on the windowsill, decorate the walls with ethnic art, and go with the flow! There is no wrong way to do this; you can see one way below.

Use Cupboards Creatively In Your Semi-Open Kitchen Interior Design

If you need lots of cabinets to meet your storage needs in the kitchen, or if you’re looking for a creative way to introduce a slight separation between your kitchen and living room, consider glass doors. Double-sided glass door wardrobes can offer the best in your space.

Hanging cupboards with double-sided glass doors can give your kitchen natural light and an open feel while giving you the privacy and storage space you need. Having creative cupboards is also an excellent solution for smaller kitchens. Double glass doors can help keep the area open and spacious without under-designing storage space.

If you’re concerned about the contents of your cupboard being on display, you can get the same open effect by using frosted glass to expand the view. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of diffused natural light while hiding glassware from view. Glass-framed cupboards are the perfect choice to balance your kitchen storage needs.

All kinds of craziness

Most of our kitchen design ideas encourage you to do something bold, but now we want to put extra emphasis on that.

Do you want to play with colour on your kitchen walls? Wrong. Want to go crazy with colour throughout your kitchen? Mix pink with yellow and add an emerald stone sink with gold taps. Do you think it will look cheap? You will be surprised at the luxurious effects you can achieve just by combining different colours.

This also applies to texture. We mentioned stone sinks and gold faucets, but think beyond that. Paint your walls, plaster the walls, or even combine the two techniques! Cover the floor with pink tiles (matching the walls), and then add a patterned rug.

It would help if you tried it before this all sounds risky. Unleash your artistic soul, and remember that you can learn your style by experimenting.