Living Room Sofa Everyone Must Have

The sofa is the most important furniture in the living room everyone must accommodate. It can be said a living room is not a living room if there is no sofa in it. This way, you have to accommodate the best sofa for your living room, but you cannot be too careless in choosing the best sofa for your living room. A living room sofa must be comfortable enough for both family and guests. The living room is the place where you and your family have family time or just relaxing and chilling together. Therefore, a living room sofa must be chosen carefully.

The Type of Sofa

Before going on some tips on buying a living room sofa, you need to know some common type of sofas. By knowing the type, you can understand which type suits your living room better. Different type of sofas will result in different vibes and atmosphere of your living room.

The most common type of sofa is a loveseat. A loveseat is the best option of living room sofa if you have a small living room. It is often sold as a matching piece with any kinds of couches. If you just live with your partner or you live alone but want to have a sofa for the guest, a loveseat might be your better choice. It holds up to two people. The fun fact is that the loveseats made their debut in the late 1700s. Now they become very popular.

The other type is best for a larger family. There is a sectional or modular sofa. This type is actually a combination of smaller sofas which is combined in different configurations and sizes. A sectional sofa is often in L-shaped. This configuration provides more flexibility in arranging the other furniture. This type of living room sofa can be arranged to suits the number of your family member. In addition, in some cases, a sectional sofa is handier in a compact space. It is because the furniture arrangement will be less linear.

The last is the type that can be used as an extra bed, a sofa bed. A sofa bed is basically just like any other type in appearance. What makes it different is the part under the cushions can be unfolded into a full-sized bed. This type is good if you live in a small house with or without a guest room. The sofa bed can be used as a bed for your overnight guest. You do not have to worry anymore about making your guests comfortable when they sleep in your place.

What to consider before buying

Knowing the types, now you are ready to read the tips and guidelines before choosing a living room sofa for your house. The first thing you need to consider is the size. Picking up the right side of the sofa is the most important thing to do first. You can do this by looking at your living room, and decide how much space you want the sofa to occupy. Do keep in mind that a living room does not only contain a sofa but also other furniture. You might have a couch, coffee table, or other furniture to arrange in your living room. Do not let your sofa occupy too much space on your room, you may have trouble in arranging other furniture. Besides, the size of your living room sofa will determine the convenient of your living room.

The next thing is to determine how the sofa will be placed and faced. When you have known the right side of the sofa, you have to think about how the sofa will be oriented. To give you some advice, if you spend much time on the TV, then putting the living room sofa in front of it is the obvious answer. However, if you enjoy having a talk with your guests, it a good idea to put the sofa in front of the fireplace of facing the bar if you have any. It will create a cozy lounge area for you and your guest to have a talk, whether it is serious or just for entertainment. Do keep in mind that putting the sofa in front of the fireplace in a narrow room will make the room even narrower.

The next step is choosing the shape. Well, it only applies when you have a large living room. L-shaped is the most favorite shape in arranging the living room sofa. If you have much space for the sofa to occupy, perhaps arranging a semi-circle or circle around the coffee table is a good idea. For people who do not have a large room, do not be a worry. You can also experiment and arrange your sofa by picking up the smaller ones. Perhaps using a couch will be better instead of using a sofa because a couch takes up less space.

The last thing is picking up both the color and the pattern for your living room sofa. The color and the pattern of your sofa must be compatible and matched with your other living room furniture. The sofa must not be the subject matter of your living room. Therefore, choosing a very bold color is not recommended since it will draw too much attention. Choosing trendy patterns might be a bad idea if it is not compatible with your room’s vibe, atmosphere, or your other furniture. The sofa cannot be the stand-alone furniture, it has to be friendly with other furniture; meaning that along with other furniture, they will give the same vibes and atmosphere for your living room.

Though choosing a living room sofa looks like an easy task, there are lots of things to consider and think before deciding to buy one. There are also lots of variety of options in choosing a living room sofa besides what has been mentioned in this article. However, you still need to consider the same things before having the best living room sofa for your house.