5 Best Products of Backless Sofa Available in 2019


The backless sofa is known also as the bench sofa. Just like the name, this sofa is unique for the absence of backrest on it. Commonly, this type of sofa is only functioned as complementary furniture since basically people just prefer sitting on the sofa with a backrest. Although the function seems not really important, its presence is just good particularly for the living room. It makes the room livelier and not monotonous with some types of sofa and furniture available there. So, what is the most recommended backless sofa to buy? Here they are.

Mr. Furniture Design Sofa Bench Retro

Modern and minimalist furniture seems to be more popular currently. But it doesn’t mean you cannot just be back to the past and choose the retro one. Yes, at least, the product from Mr. Furniture can just be considered. It features feet made from the teakwood, making it stronger and free from the termites’ attack. The upholstery foam is soft enough and it is really comfortable. Some colors are available including the magnificent purple.

Xionco Guise Series

Xionco Guide Series provides you simple and functional bench sofa with neutral colors. Sure, it is just very good to be placed in any type of room and situation. Some colors available are including black, grey, navy, and beige. So, if you are expecting a monochrome sofa to neutralize your room that has been full of colors. The upholstery can be folded to make the seat looks smaller but then once you are opening it; it looks like a small bed. The structure is solid from teakwood. Sure, it becomes very durable.

Livien Furniture Rattan Bench

Even if you only see this backless sofa slightly, you may simply conclude that this sofa looks very sweet and feminine. This sofa is basically a combination of modern and vintage design. It is minimalist due to the few details applied while it is also vintage for the design that looks classic. Moreover, rather than putting drawers, the producer prefers putting some baskets in the space under the bench area. For the girl’s bedroom or shabby-chic designed living room, the product from Livien is indeed a very good choice.

Addison 85” Daybed

Addison is known to produce sofas with various types and sizes. one of them is the 85-inch sofa under the Daybed series. Although the design is compact and simple, it looks elegant also with a set of cushions available. To build up the sofa, there are some fabrics used including cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester to make sure that it is not only comfortable but also strong. It features feathers as the filling inside.

Bevin Daybed Azure Herringbone

Its refreshing color, blue, just makes the daybed series from Bevin looks beautiful and comfortable to be placed in your living room. The upholstery is made from some types of fabrics including rayon, polyester, and nylon. Not only is it comfortable and durable but the blend of the materials also tends to make the sofa easier to clean. In term of design, it is simple but also classic at once. It makes the backless sofa is necessary for all types of interior design whether modern or vintage.