Maintaining the Rolled Arm Sofa



Today, rolled arm sofa is popular to have by all people. So, this article will explain some information about this sofa. Check it out!

What is a rolled arm sofa?

This sofa is a sofa which has a characteristic that is a solid form, by showing small stitch details, the armrests look hidden, often equipped with wheels. Has the impression of a country-style British 90s room, and is suitable for those who prioritize a high level of comfort when leaning. Are you interested to buy it?

Well, if you already have the sofa and want a new face for your old rolled arm sofa, then rearrange the existing sofa with their furniture.

Beautify the old rolled arm sofa

The sofa is furniture that is rarely replaced, so the model and color should use the long-lasting concept so that it can last for quite a long period of time and the model will continue to survive and will still match the various new designs of your home. Here are some ways to make the old sofa that you have to look new and attractive.

Wrap a sofa with slipcover

Slipcover is the name for the sofa sheath. Slipcovers are available in a variety of colors and motifs that make it easy for you to adjust them to the character of the home interior. Besides being cheaper, using a slipcover can also hide damage to the surface of the sofa. The advantage of using slipcover on the sofa is that it can be more routinely washed so that your living room sofa is always kept clean

Replacing the Cover / Sofa Upholstery Material

If the damage to the sofa is quite severe, using slipcover is not enough. You must replace the living room sofa cover permanently so that the quality of the bus is maintained. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the motifs and colors of the sofa cover. If you want a different look, try replacing a plain sofa cover with a floral or box motif, or with a polka dots motif and so on. With notes, always adjust to the theme of the room.

Providing Refinishing

You can re-apply finishing techniques on the arms and legs of the living room sofa made of wood. The material used is plitur to make the wood surface shiny again. In addition, you can also apply the plaque on furniture made of wood, such as wooden tables, wooden cabinets, wooden shelves and so on.

Stages in cleaning our sofa

  • Clean the part of the sofa made of iron, wood or plastic before cleaning the stains on the sofa upholstery
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and other fine dirt on the couch, avoid pressing the vacuum cleaner mouth too deep.
  • Use a white sponge and wipe the liquid mixture between baking soda and water on the stain on the sofa, wait for up to 10 minutes then clean it using a washcloth
  • Soak the cloth in a mixture of lemon and water then rub it on the stain on the sofa, then wipe it with a rag
  • For polyester or microfiber sofa upholstery, rub the cloth soaked in alcohol on the stain on the sofa, the odor produced by alcohol will disappear by itself as the sofa dries
  • For sofas with leather upholstery, rub the cloth that has been given baby oil on the stain, so it does not cause scars.

Those are any explanations about the rolled arm sofa.