Small Bathroom Tile Ideas and Tricks to Make it More Spacious

Don’t be sad if you have a small bathroom because there are a lot of tricks to make it more spacious. One of the areas that you can work on is the tiles. With the right choice of tiles, you can turn your tiny bathroom into a spacious, relaxing one. Here are small bathroom tile ideas for you.

Amazing Options for Small Bathroom’s Tiles

There are a lot of things to consider when it is the time to renovate your tiny bathroom. Is it the time to throw away the bulky tub? Should you stay in bright colors? Can large tiles work in such a tiny space? Decorating a small bathroom really pushes you to be smart and focus with all decisions. And your tiles in the bathroom can be the first thing you can pay attention to when you walk right in.

It can be a big task to retiling your small bathroom. But once you choose the right tiles, it will be a payoff. And whether you want to mix and match the tiles or use space-widening whites, there are a lot of endless possibilities to create a dreamy bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Lay Tiles to Create a Diagonal Pattern

A tall mirror is actually a little trick to help you extend the bathroom’s space. But another thing you can do is that by laying glossy subway tiles in a diagonal pattern. The purpose of doing this is to draw your attention to the longest area of the bathroom. You don’t need to be scared to try with various tilework patterns. What you need to remember is that to make sure to plan everything first when it comes to design a tiny bathroom. The reason is that there is always a little room for error when it comes to small spaces.

Try Big Tiles for a Small Bathroom

If you think that the only option related to your tiles only goes with small tiles, you are wrong. Big tiles can also be the magic trick to make the bathroom space larger than it is. You can take a look at one of the inspirations below of the comfortable bathroom from Bless’er House. They design the bathroom with black-and-white and beadboard wainscoting wallpaper to give visual interest and also big hexagon tiles come up to give an extra push to the walls.

Experiment with a Bubble Gum Pink Bathroom

Have you ever thought of having a bubble gum pink bathroom? This retro style with pink tile flooring definitely can be the focal point of the bathroom. It can also provide you along the center of attention throughout the bathroom. In order to look spacious and roomy even though the bathroom is small, you can keep the rest of the room in a stark white color palette.

Big Square Marble Tiles

This amazing tiny space takes advantage of big marble tile flooring in order to widen the space and make it more comfortable. The deep royal blue wallpaper and vanity provide more depth and more robust feel to the tiny space. You can also still use bold, bright colors in your bathroom because big tiles won’t distract from the focal point and they can decrease the grout lines too.

Apply Black Tiles

For those who have a faint heart, the black hexagon tiles in the bathroom are not perfect for them. Black tiles are suitable for brave personality to pop out the sophisticated and classy space. With black tiles in the bathroom like this, you can still use moody floral wallpaper even for a tiny bathroom. Another thing to keep in mind, you should do the tiling just partway up the wall to avoid claustrophobic feeling if you have floor-to-ceiling tilework.

Big Tiles in Neutral

The big tiles can keep things simple. You can try this idea for your tiny bathroom. Big and neutral tiles can also play the role as a soft base for the black wainscoting. Meanwhile, in order to widen the space and reflect more light, you can also put the light tiles.

Chevron Stripes and Stark White

Quite same to a diagonal pattern above, tilework of chevron stripe can elongate the space and add more depth feeling. It can make the tiny bathroom bigger than it is especially because of the stark white color palette and chevron stripe tile that doesn’t give any visual clutter. In order to create an airier and fully open space, you can have a glass shower door.

Think Vertically when You Think Mosaics

Even though we have stated that bigger tiles can provide more spacious illusions, that doesn’t mean you must forget the tinnier tiles of a mosaic. You can take a look at this enviable bathroom that uses tiny tilework of hexagon to draw the eye upward to the bathroom’s ceiling and open up the area. In addition, the floating vanity takes less square footage compared to the traditional one. It can also decrease the clutter factor that makes the tiny bathroom looks crowded and untidy.

Grout Lines can be Perfect when Putting it Right

The reason big tiles can work much better in a tiny bathroom is that they can decrease the need for grout lines that can make distracting clutter look. But this bathroom shows with the proper design, stark grout lines can be a great idea and work perfectly in a tiny space. By keeping the black line covered only to the wall, the eye will be drawn up towards the bathroom’s ceiling that helps the bathroom more spacious and open.

Amazing White Floor Tiles

The bright, beautiful tiles seen in this bathroom are gorgeous. The pure white tiles reflect the light perfectly and make the bathroom more airy space. You should keep the rest of the area in neutral color if you want to apply with patterned wallpaper including the geometric pattern you can see here.

We hope that our small bathroom tile ideas can inspire you to create a dreamy, spacious bathroom. Which tiles would you like to apply the most?