Trending Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Trending Bathroom Tile Design Ideas in 2024

When you realize that tile is the perfect thing for your bathroom, you need to take a look at our bathroom tile design ideas as your inspirations. With a lot of choices for endless, easy-to-clean tiles, and durable arrangement and designs, you can always have a totally dreamy bathroom tile design. If you need any help from a professional advisor once you decide the design that you want, you can go to the nearest home depot to have one.

Tile Design Trends in 2024

Work of art component becomes one of the recent design trends in 2024. You can have a tile design on the bathroom’s wall and frame it with tiles that have a beautiful edge to give a focal point as a beautiful and unique look. You can also do the same thing in your shower, on the bathroom floor or even above your bathtub. Coordinating the tile is also another trending design tile style for 2024. It will help you reflect your personality in the bathroom when you have the sense of style to mix and match different colors and style tile design together.

Do a little magic trick to your bathroom: layer your tiles with accents, borders, and frames to have a bathroom or shower tile design that you’ve always wanted. Here are several designs that quite trend in 2024:

  • Stone and stone-look

This type of tiles can beautify your bathroom’s look. It also can add elegant illusion and texture to your dreamy bathroom.

  • Tile accent design

If there is a gorgeous mosaic in the bathroom, you should frame it out in order to highlight a beautiful part of your bathroom’s design.

  • Shower tile border

The detail of this shower tile border is the same as a recessed shelf. The accents that have beautiful layers provide one-of-a-kind shower tile design that you like.

  • Modern subway tile shower

This modern walk-in shower uses both elegant and subway look tiles to provide allover interest. Subway tile is also one of the most diverse design choices you can consider. It’s timeless and classic yet modern at the same time. There are a variety of colors, materials, and patterns in subway tiles to add interest to your bathroom. One of the most favorite designs that people love is a simple, elegant white for the color of the walls and floor tiles to give other elements chance to shine through. You can also try to change the look of the subway tile drastically with contrasting bold, grout colors. Whatever color or design you choose, subway tile isn’t going anywhere in anytime soon!

Subway tile is also available in many colors, not just white. Colors like green-glass and serene blue subway can also create an oasis in your lovely shower.

  • Brick look subway tile

Subway theme and brick look can also be a perfect mix and match. The faux-design subway tiles bring an industrial nuance to your bathroom.

  • Large-format tiles

There are many advantages of using large-format tiles in your bathroom. They can cover big areas easily. They are also easier to clean since they have fewer grout lines and can provide a tiny space that looks more spacious. But the reason you should love this design is the elegance that it can bring to the room. It can also bring your bathroom’s style to another level. Large-format tiles can also be the 3D tiles and wood-look planks too.

Large format wall tiles also mean that this type of design has fewer grout lines and more wall coverage. The look is also minimal and chic that will make your bathroom more elegant and modern.

  • Glass mosaic accents

Do you want to add a gorgeous accent to the tile design of your bathroom? Glass mosaics are one the simplest ways to add bright colors, shape and shine to your bathroom, backsplash or recessed shelf. You can provide a full wall with a glass mosaic or frame, stripe accent which has already finished the work of pairing materials and colors together for you. Maybe you will love this look of the beautiful bathroom with breaks up the all-white tile with various colors of glass mosaic.

  • Hex tile mosaic

It is an excellent idea to use contrast shapes and colors for your bathroom’s tiles.

  • Textured large format tile

There is no simplest way then just add texture to your bathroom especially if the bathroom is just all white.

Tips for Picking Tile’s Colors

There are various choices for your bathroom’s color scheme that you can choose from. Since there are a lot of options, it will be difficult for you to decide which one. Sometimes, it is hard to describe what you want, but once you see it, you will know it.

That’s why we strongly suggest you to take a look at our pages and social media to find the inspirations of the color scheme. By having a look of a color scheme, it will be easier for you to imagine the color to be applied to your bathroom and what is the right color for the times.

What you need to do is start browsing and looking for something that you want. Then, you can print or save it, so it won’t be lost. You can also save several colors that still need further considerations. Then ask for advice of your family or friends for more suggestions.

Neutral looks are very famous but you like dark, bold, bright colors, don’t be scared to use apply them. Just mix and match neutrals with bright color. If you just apply all one neutral color in the bathroom, it will not that interesting. So, try to add more than one neutral color like combining white and grey to keep the bathroom’s look more relaxing and beautiful. Don’t be scared to show your own rules and personality to the room. You can play with various accents and colors until it works as long as the basic elements and tile of the room are not competing with one another.

We hope that our bathroom tile design ideas compilations that were trending in 2018 can help you add more inspirations. Good luck!