White Bathroom Floor Tile for a Small Bathroom

Once you have the right size of your small bathroom’s tiles whether, for floors or walls, it will give a major impact on making your small areas feel brighter and bigger. White bathroom floor tile can be the tile design you look for.  Here are more tips for you.

The Perfect Size’s Tiles for a Small Bathroom

The size of the tiles shouldn’t be based on the size of the bathroom even though sometimes you ever heard about this a lot of time. A small bathroom actually can give an advantage for a big tile. With fewer grout lines, the floor and walls are less messy. The visual of the room also will be more expanded.

Using tinnier tiles including mosaics can give you many grout lines that can provide the walls’ bathroom a grid-like look which can promote the smaller feeling. It will make your bathroom looks even smaller than the actual size.

The Tiles Layout that can Make a Difference

A smart tip to use in a tiny bathroom is by laying your tiles in diagonal patterns that trick people’s eyes into seeing the area as larger than the actual size is. When you have a look at squared, normal choices they are evenly easy to count but design them diagonally and your eyes will be drawn to the longest room’s dimension. The famous chevron patterns are worth to try.

If a diagonal pattern of tile doesn’t interest you, you can try laying your tiles in brick bond shape. It is also a famous option for metro tiles but helps the grid pattern effect to be limited that can emphasize the limited height or width of a bathroom.

The Color for Perfect Tiles in a Small Bathroom

Using brighter colors is a common rule if you want to make your tiny bathroom looks bigger. That’s why you need to apply that rule too in your bathroom. Picking brighter colors including cream or white for the tiles can trick the eye to see your bathroom looks more spacious since the color can reflect much more light compared to darker colors would.

Another tip that you can apply is by using metallic or mother-of-pearl finish, glossy tiles that will enhance the area by giving proportions of a sense of gender and also reflecting the light perfectly.

White bathroom floor tile is definitely a simple trick you can do to redo your small bathroom. We hope our tips are useful for you and happy decorating!