The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile

If you want to apply the mosaic bathroom floor tile, it is better to read our article today for further consideration. We are going to provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic glass tile.

The Advantages

Easy to clean

Glass tiles are resistant to mildew, mold, and stain. They usually can show dirt so easily that will notice you the time to clean them. They are not porous and resistant to chemical damage, so you don’t need to be afraid about grime sinking into your bathroom’s tile. Since they are easy to wipe, you will have an easier job to clean them with only mopped up or a damp cloth with warm water. You can also use a mild vinegar solution for soap-scum buildup on your bathroom’s floor.

Beautiful design

It might be the largest advantage of using mosaic glass in a flooring application is the elegance that can be seen with the right installation. There are two options available for you to choose between multicolored or solid tiles that can be designed in simple or complicated patterns. There are also repeating patterns you can find in the store that can be used to make complex designs and pictures.


Mosaic glass tile should be resistant and durable to cracking as long as they have passed the standard of stringent ASTM required to be accepted for use as the material of flooring. They shouldn’t crack under something less sharp direct force which is applied with a sturdy object like a hammer. Meanwhile, glass tiles are prone to scratch.

Luminous appearance

Darkest glasses tiles usually will reflect light instead of absorbing it. So, it makes this type of glass tile can make the mosaic pattern look glowing with a luminous appearance which you can’t find in any other materials for flooring.

The Disadvantages

Hard installation

Unlike natural stone tiles or ceramic, glass mosaics are usually hard to install. The adhesive will show through the tile if you are careless. Unless you are not a professional in laying tile, it is better to ask for help from an expert who can do the job perfectly. Even though you will spend more money on hiring one, at least the result will satisfy you.

Expensive cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of using mosaic glass tiles is the cost. It can be around $35 a square foot for the good colors. If you want repeating patterns, they are around $110 for a single square foot.

So, do you still stick with the mosaic bathroom floor tile after knowing the advantages and disadvantages? With proper installation and enough budget, we still think that mosaic glass tiles can make a dreamy bathroom you’ve always wanted.