The Beauty of Applying Glass Tiles for Kitchen

Are you looking for some inspirations of glass tiles for a kitchen? Then it is the right time to read our article today. What are the ideas? Let’s have a look!

Think about Recycled Glass

If you care about our world, then you can purchase for tiles made from recycled glass. It is available in many home depots. You can also buy it from online retailers too. Recycled glass tiles are an environmental-friendly option which can also be truly one-of-a-kind design in your kitchen.

Use Glass Tiles for Nice Accent

Other materials can be interspersed with individual glass tiles such as stone tiles or traditional ceramic in order to offer a gem-like accent in your kitchen. It is an excellent way to incorporate designer, expensive glass tiles into the kitchen design without spending too much budget.

Continue the Backsplash to the Ceiling

A kitchen designer is one of the extending backsplash walls increasingly and it will reach to the ceiling as well. In order to brighten the room, glass tiles can help you with that. So, you don’t need to be worried again about the natural light.

Apply Glass Tiles as a Band or Border

An excellent way to apply glass tiles is by including a row of mosaic strips or individual tiles in a field of ceramic tile or other types of materials either as a border at the back splash’s top or as an interim accent band. There are unlimited design choices when you apply glass tiles for a band or border treatment.

Apply Very Small or Very Large Glass Subway Tiles

Mixing trendiness and tradition, the standard 3-by-6-inch subway tile can also be replaced with big individual tiles or small mosaic tiles using the same 2-to-1-size proportions. Glass tiles that have beveled edges are an excellent choice as the timeless subway tile look.

Use Grout that is Contrast

Backsplashes in your kitchens can be prone to stains. But glass tiles are so easy to clean up which you don’t need to be worried. But if we talk about grout lines, it is another thing. Instead of using a traditional white grout, you can try darker grout as an excellent option. Traditional glass subway tile will be perfect with a dark grout which offers great contrast while also save your time in cleaning up.

So, are you ready to apply glass tiles for the kitchen? Ask for help from a professional to help you with the installation in your kitchen. Good luck!