Bathroom Tile Design Ideas and Tips You might not Know About

Are you looking for bathroom tile design ideas? Today we don’t only give you design ideas for your bathroom but also some tips to help you create a gorgeous, relaxing bathroom. Let’s take a look!

When Space is Limited, Go for Light

The color of the tiles in your bathroom can really give a major impact in a tiny bathroom. A lot of people go for light hues including light grey, cream, and white even though there are many small bathrooms still look great with shades that are darker. Neutral colors can be the solution to keep the room’s tone calm and relaxing that is really needed in tinier rooms. Opt for a neutral color for your bathroom’s tiles and it will give you the illusion of more areas. It can be also as an extra advantage for potential buyers if someday you want to sell the house.

Small or Big is Ace When it Comes Short on Area

The tile sizes of your bathroom are starting from small mosaic tiles to massive gigantic tiles that can reach different meters length. It is not a great idea to use meter long, massive tiles in many tiny bathrooms since the tile will get cut off in a lot of amounts. And when it happens, it will interrupt the style or pattern as well as creating tons of waste even though there are no rules applied. So, it is up to you which one you choose for your bathroom’s tiles.

On the other hand, big tiles for a bathroom which is usually 30 to 60 cm can give a relaxing feeling that is perfect for bathrooms with tight space. If you want to use medium or big-sized tiles, you should consider applying the square shapes in neutral colors like grey or white. Other choices to think with larger tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles. There are still many choices to pick to allow you to get the right style and a variety patterns tiling can help you beautify the room.

Patterned Tiles for More Style

Tiles in a pattern for your bathroom can add more complicated nuances in a small bathroom. It will also make the bathroom looks cluttered. So, it is suggested to be more careful in using patterned tiles. One of the simplest tiling designs for a small bathroom is cloakrooms or en-suites in order to have a wall feature with the beautifully patterned tiles.


We hope those bathroom tile design ideas and tips can help you imagine the perfect bathroom design. Share your inspirations with us and happy decorating!