Unique and Beautiful Bathroom Floor Tiles Design Tips

There is a lot of bathroom floor tiles design you can choose from. But paying attention to our tips below will make the design more pop up and unique. Let’s find out!

Have Reflective Surfaces

In a tiny bathroom, light has a major role in whether the room will look bigger or smaller than the actual size is. When you consider about tiny bathroom tile designs then you may want to think about tiles with mirror or glass, glossy finish. If you choose glossy finishes, it will help you to add more light to reflect around the room easily meanwhile mirrored and glass finishes will enhance the space’s feeling completely.

Consider Stone and Marble Finishes

If you want to have an elegant, beautiful look for your bathroom floors, consider stone and marble finishes. Tiles bathroom made from marbles can have a little bit gloss finish even though not all do. Bright color in this design of tile is able to provide a beautiful look. Meanwhile, the tiles made from stone are very famous in bathrooms. You should consider choosing the neutral tone stone tile which can be great for floors and walls.

Tile Floor to Ceiling

Unfortunately, tiny space can create confinement feeling so easily that can be quite unpleasant for those who have a claustrophobic. One of our recommendations is to tile the bathroom from the floor up to the ceiling with the tiles that are same so it will have a sense of continuity that is important to make the room feels more spacious and bigger. This does not only decrease the restricted feeling but also can be a nice focal point as well in your bathroom.


As we already gave you several choices of tiling ideas for your bathroom, now it is the time to make sure that you will get an excellent look. The key takeaway from our tips today is to choose neutral, light colors in order to avoid a cluttered feel. The tile’s size shouldn’t be a big deal even though massive tiles are perfect for bigger space. Reflective surfaces will make sure an equal light’s distribution throughout your bathroom that helps provide a sense of space. And it is perfect for a tiny area.

For the walls, you can use beautiful pattern tiles or same tile from the floor up to the ceiling to make the room feels bigger. Use a calculator to count how many tiles you need to prepare for your bathroom before you go to the store. Share our bathroom floor tiles design article to help more people like you.