How to pick small bathroom flooring ideas?

No matter who you ask, then anyone has the different opinions about the tiles size that you use for your bathroom floor, especially if you want to make your small bathroom looks bigger. When choosing your tiles, there are some factors that you have to remember. Firstly, this is very important to consder the feel and look that you want to show off to your guest and most imprtant is feel and look that you want. Check these small bathroom flooring ideas below. Keep in miind that choosing right bathroom tiles is very subjective because anyone has their own needs, tastes and wants as well.

Consider the size

The bigger tiles, then the smaller the room that you will look as they said. In another hand, if you use the smaller tiles inside your smaller bathroom, there would be more grout lines which make your bathroom also looks small. So, what you have to do? You are able to use the medium sized tiles or you are also able to choose the larger tiles, ensure that it has the restricted edges and you can choose the grout color which matches with your overall design.

The color scheme of tile

It is also highly recommended that you can choose natural colors for your small bathroom. Choosing a brighter color for your small bathroom such as cream, light gray or white will help your bathroom looks bigger and thanks to tiles which reflect more light than the darker colors. The light tiles will allow your eye to flow out across the room and if you want to use them in the wall, then they will make your ceiling occurs higher as well.

Right layout

To make your small bathroom looks bigger is placing your tiles in the diagonal line. You should know diagonal patterns will trick our mind to think that your bathroom is bigger than the reality. Another way to make your small bathroom looks bigger is installing the rectangular toles. If you install the rectangle tiles horizontally, then it will give an illusion that your wall is bigger than actually is. If you place the same tiles vertically, then you will make your space looks longer or higher.

The fixtures

The placement and choice of your fixtures can affect on how your small bathroom will look. So, if you have a small bathroom, installing big sinks, taps and more will make your room looks more cramped and crowded.