Latest Bathroom Tiles Design: How to Make a Better Bathroom

Since there are various patterns, textures, and colors of the latest bathroom tiles design, you may find it a bit overwhelming to choose which one is the best one. However, making a plan is very essential when it comes to choosing the tile for your bathroom. We made this article to give you tips to keep in mind so you will find the best tiles for your bathroom.

Never go wrong with light colors

One of the most popular tiles is the subway tiles. Using subway tiles in light color is kind of safe. Other than that, it will never fail to amaze you from time to time. According to experts, light colors will help to trick humans’ brain so the room will appear wider and larger than the actual size. And when you need to choose the grout color, it is important to make sure that the grout would not be sharp in contrast.

Install the tiles diagonally

Diagonal tile arrangement is also the latest trend in bathroom tiles. This trick will really help you to make the smaller bathroom appear bigger. Other than that, tiling your bathroom floor with diagonal tile arrangement will make it fast without having to tear it up at all.

Go with big bathroom tiles

Going with big tiles will be really useful to make a better impression in a small bathroom. However, you need to acknowledge that the minimum space between the grout joint is 3/16 inch in width. Other than that, the tiles must have direct contact with the mortar for at least 90 percent of it. It will prevent the cracking in the future.

The grout lines

Mosaic tiles for the bathroom are very soothing. Besides, it gives a classy and sometimes natural sense in the bathroom due to its rustic vibe. However, the mosaic tiles will make more grout lines in your bathroom. In order to prevent the grid-like impression from the mosaic, you may want to create the tinted grout. The grout can be tinted similar to the tile’s color.

Rule of three

In order to create a unique bathroom, you may also want to use tiles with unique patterns. However, it is important to stick to three main tiles with the same color palette. Using more colors will create a certain distraction to your eye especially in the bathroom. Other than that, it will be more difficult to manage the rest of the room if you use more than three colors even though it is the latest bathroom tiles design.