8 alternatives to the classic sofa landscape

A classic lush corner sofa is not the right choice for every living room. But what is there to consider?

As you wander through the furniture show, you’ll notice expansive views of seating. However, this type of living room furniture may not suit you, your personal lifestyle, and your style. It’s good that there are other options too.

Classics in the living room:

A sofa that is usually quite spacious (often a corner sofa, also L-shaped with a comfortable back and corners) is directly opposite the television. This is what many living rooms look like and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, this design does not suit everyone’s lifestyle. Eight alternatives:

  1. Loosened up: A mix of sofas, armchairs and chairs

Who exactly says that everything must always be made from the same mold – that is, from the same furniture series? You can also place various armchairs and chairs next to the sofa. It looks very nice if they have connecting elements. In this case from Lange Geller Kuehl Interiors, the cover is black.

  1. Combined with dining room: kitchen sofa

Very communicative and a good idea if living and eating take place in one room. As long as the sofa has an appropriate seating height, these two aspects can be combined in this comfortable place.

  1. Elegant sofa replacement: daybed and ottoman

Primarily intended for relaxing alone, such seating furniture can be quickly converted into a sofa with a few large pillows when guests arrive.

  1. Comfortable duo: wing chair

If you usually only use the living room for two people, you may not need a sofa at all. Interior designer Juana Fritsch of raumkonzepte thinks that two comfortable armchairs for reading or watching TV could be much more practical. This provides space to store more important items.

  1. For relaxing: XXL armchair

Pure comfort! You can make yourself comfortable alone (or with your partner) in the XXL armchair (Ease by Paola Lenti). And if guests come to visit, a comfortable dining room for gathering may be a wiser alternative to a plush couch area.

  1. Moving: rocking chair

There’s nothing more relaxing than a relaxing shake. Add your favorite music or a good book – voila, welcome to your private space and retreat!

  1. Life: rocking sofa

Gone are the days when Hollywood swings with colorful flowers and upholstery were only meant for the garden. This elegant piece of furniture shows that there is another way! A “free hanging sofa” definitely invites you to spend time relaxing.

  1. Beautiful view: window sill

Do you have large windows with beautiful views? Then please don’t put the sofa in front of it! Much nicer are custom-made benches with lots of cushions and cushions where you can spend hours in comfort.

What ideas can you imagine as a replacement for a sofa?