7 ideas how to place a sofa and armchairs in the living room

Sofa or armchair – or even both? We show you how you can place seating furniture beautifully and practically in the room

The only comfortable sofa is in the living room. But how best to place them indoors? And how can you combine armchairs, ottomans, etc.? We’ll show you 7 ideas for arranging seating in the living room – for small and large rooms.

  1. Combine sofa and pouf

If the living room is not very large, often only one sofa fits in it, which then becomes the focus and center of the room. A small two- or three-seater sofa can be complemented by a sturdy upholstered pouf. Not only can you rest your feet on it, but it can also serve as a side table or additional seating. Depending on the purpose, the pouf can be moved quickly – but does not take up much space.

Ottomans take up more space than poufs, but the furniture can still be moved flexibly and quickly to the desired location. Most sofa manufacturers offer ottomans with the same cover for two or three seats – if it’s free, it’s an extra seat for discussion, if you push it against the sofa, it will create a small yard.

  1. A sofa and two lounge chairs are placed on the side

If you want to offer additional seating options in a rather narrow living room, this arrangement variant can be interesting: Two graceful lounge chairs perpendicular to the sofa do not take up much space – and can also be moved back and forth if necessary, for example to create a more spacious atmosphere. comfortable or so you can watch television together.

  1. Place two sofas perpendicular to each other

More comfortable, but also taking up more space, are two sofas located perpendicular to each other. In a small living room, it is best to place both upholstered pieces of furniture with their backs against the wall so that there is still enough space for a walkway.

In a large, open room, two corner sofas can form an island and structure the area. One of the sofas can be freestanding in the room and the other against the wall, or both can be freestanding in the room. Of course, it can also be used with corner sofas.

  1. Place the sofa and two armchairs facing each other diagonally

If you have enough space in the living room and like a slightly looser arrangement, you can place two upholstered chairs opposite a two- or three-seater sofa. They are invited to stand at a slight angle to each other – this brings a relaxed atmosphere into the room and encourages conversation. But be careful: a small living room can quickly look messy with this arrangement.

  1. Sofas and armchairs

If you only combine one armchair with a sofa, it is best to place it not perpendicular, but at a slight angle to the sofa to form a small seating area in the living room.

  1. Place two sofas facing each other

Most sofas lean against the wall. Furniture can also easily occupy the center of the room in a larger living room. The best way to feel comfortable is to place two sofas facing each other. The style doesn’t always have to be the same – two different sofas with matching covers or shapes will have a more casual look and are often more comfortable. If you like and have space, you can add an armchair or lounge chair to one end of the two sofas, so that the seating group appears independent.

Especially in a large living room with lots of doors, two sofas facing each other in the middle of the room can be useful because they create a clear path. The only drawback: the television only has space on the front side.

Tip: Place sofas about 1.50 to 2 meters apart. A coffee table fits in between, so your legs don’t get in the way, but you can still have a good chat.

  1. Place two recliners next to each other

Do you primarily use your small living room for watching movies, or do you always want to look out over the fireplace? Then simply place two recliners next to each other! This way everyone can see the best action and can stretch their legs. You can easily turn your head to the side to carry on a conversation.