Shower Wall Tile Ideas: How to Properly Tiling a Bathroom

Some people would look for several shower wall tile ideas and try to tile up their bathroom as a DIY project. Tiling your own bathroom will definitely save up your budget but if you do not have the DIY skill then you better leave it to the professional. In this article, we have several useful tips when it comes to how to properly tiling a bathroom.

The first thing you need to know is tiling the window ledge in the bathroom. You need to tuck the tiler to the edge of the wall right under the tile of the ledge it will give a cleaner result. Other than that, it will help to protect the tilework.

How to tile a symmetrical layout

So, when you want to make a symmetrical layout for your shower wall, you may start the process from the center outward. Some people always start the work from one end and make another work on the other size. This method will lead to a weird look tile that appears like a pain in the neck. If you start from the center outward, you might still need small pieces of tile for the end. Still, it looks symmetrical though.

Exposed tile edges

If you found the exposed tile edges in your bathroom, you need to deal with this problem by using a proper method. One of the most famous ways is by using the tile backer board from Durock to make a cleaner look at the edge. After that, you can paint the edge of tiles with the same color as the bathroom walls.

Grout between a tile and other materials

The grout between a tile and other non-tile materials create such a terrible look. Some people might caulk the joint between the laminated countertop and tiles, you might use the tiler used grout to fix this. When you fix the tile and the non-tile materials, you need to use the proper caulk though.

Buy a better quality of tile

If you tile a certain area in the bathroom like the backsplash, bathtub, and other limited areas, it is better if you buy material with the best quality. Since the space is very limited, it will be a great investment though. Other than that, tiles with excellent quality will not cause any hassle in the future due to maintenance or other matters. And this is the end of tips for shower wall tile ideas.