Bedroom update: 11 quick ideas

Close your eyes and do it? No, the bedroom should be beautiful too! This simple decorating idea shows how this can be done without the back of the furniture

Do you feel your bedroom is a bit boring but don’t want to buy new furniture? Then think about decorating tricks that you can also use in other rooms. We give you 11 suggestions for a quick bedroom update – the results? A completely new atmosphere with just a few simple steps!

  1. Invest in new bedding

A simple way to beautify your bedroom is with bed linen. You should still replace them regularly – and you can treat yourself to a new one once in a while. Next time, for example, buy a duvet cover that matches the rest of the room — like this one that matches the walls. However, you can also create a new atmosphere in the bedroom in a short time with embroidered or printed bed sheets.

  1. Hang the curtains elsewhere

Who actually said curtains were in front of the windows? How about sheer fabric directly on the bed, as a classic bed canopy or tied decoratively? It highlights the main protagonists in the bedroom – and guarantees Arabian Nights dreams!

  1. Dare to use striking wall colors

A simple tip with a big impact: Ditch the white comfort zone — and paint the bedroom a bright color. It is best to choose the wall behind the bed first: it makes the room look very different, but an interesting color is not always immediately visible to you.

Tip: When choosing wall colors, also think about your furniture. A colorful chest of drawers in front of a bright wall can quickly become too much.

  1. Pamper yourself with a pillow

Many pillows are not only comfortable, but also decorative – and we still need them in the bedroom. You can create nice accents with colors, patterns, and prints (like on the sofa in the living room).

Cotton or linen pillows add a natural touch to your bedroom, embroidered covers give a cheerful and romantic feel, while cloth or leather pillows give the room a more rustic look.

  1. Find cool sheets

While we are talking about bed textiles: With sheets, you can not only make the bed in no time, but also quickly bring color and comfort into the bedroom, even if it is very simple! Beautiful individuals: antiques, heirlooms or homemade. It’s quicker to buy things from the store – and the choice is huge in all price ranges.

  1. Build a creative headboard

To make the bed more comfortable, you can update the headboard or create it in just a few steps – for example with upholstered chipboard, a simple Euro pallet or a colorful upholstery puzzle behind the bed.

  1. Also decorate with home accessories in the bedroom

Vases, pictures, etc. Give your living room its own charm. This works well in the bedroom. A small series of vases, framed photos, books or drawings are personal and can be changed over and over again in the space of two minutes. Take a look around your apartment – you’re sure to find plenty of decorative objects that would benefit from a change of scenery!

Tip: Always form odd groupings. Why? The human eye sees odd numbers more harmoniously than even numbers. For example, place five vases grouped together on a bedside table and play with their shapes and colors.

  1. Steal a table lamp from the living room

Things get really cozy in the bedroom with its mix of atmospheric and functional light. And it’s really easy: create a distinct island of light with a few table, floor or floor lamps. You should only turn on the ceiling light when you are tidying or looking in a cupboard.

  1. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture

Speaking of bedside tables: It doesn’t always have to be a classic bedside table with drawers: an old box, chest or suitcase can also be quickly transformed into a bedside table in its own right and give a special charm to the bedroom.

  1. Get a soft bed rug

A new carpet will also bring a breath of fresh air to your room in no time and provide an unmatched touch of comfort to the room. Small bed rugs are available at low prices – or perhaps you have too many rugs in your living room? And let’s be honest: It’s much better to start the morning on a soft, warm carpet than on a cold, bare floor, right?

  1. Put green plants in the bedroom

Houseplants are fresh, green and invigorating – and they also free the air of pollutants. Although photosynthesis, the waste product of which is oxygen, does not occur at night – plants in the bedroom are still good for us and improve the overall climate of the room (by the way, the oxygen consumption of plants at night is negligible!). But get advice when choosing plants – different houseplants are suitable depending on whether your bedroom is bright or dark during the day. Especially beautiful: large-leaved plants, ferns or palm trees.


A beautiful bouquet of cut flowers on the bedside table also puts you in a good mood – but plants and flowers that smell too strongly, such as lavender, jasmine or lilies, are less suitable for the bedroom as their scent can cause headaches and. thus disturbing sleep.