This makes your dining room a center of comfort


Do you appreciate long meals and conversations at long tables? With these 9 tricks you can create a welcoming dining room

A dining room should be more than just a table and chairs. We’ll show you how the dining room can become a place of exchange where you can enjoy spending more time: With these 9 furnishing tips, you can make the dining room the communicative center of your home.

  1. Luxurious lamp

With large lamps you create a visual anchor so that the dining room doesn’t seem lost. Very charming: lights that can be dimmed depending on your mood.

  1. Large carpet

The rug visually encapsulates the dining group and gives it a homely character. Important criteria when choosing: Care should be easy.

  1. Dishes that are easy to reach

It would be nice if the surrounding dining area offered additional space for a display case or sideboard. Because close proximity to plates, glasses and cutlery makes every host happy! Moreover, such furniture is not only practical but also simple and decorative.

  1. Comfortable chairs

A comfortable chair at the table is the best prerequisite for guests to feel at home for a long time. Very comfortable: the so-called chair seat, which has soft padding and armrests for extra seating comfort.

  1. Comfortable bench

Often considered bourgeois, the bench has experienced a renaissance in recent years. However: Even though the backless version looks airy and light, no one wants to sit on it for long. So it’s better to choose one that has a backrest for your dining room. Alternatively, you can move the bench against the wall and add some soft pillows.

  1. Beautiful tablecloth

A beautifully set dining table makes every meal a special occasion! If colors and materials are coordinated, the board looks very harmonious and stylish! A tablecloth or set also protects the sensitive table top from scratches and stains.

  1. Candles to set the mood

Soft candlelight provides a cozy atmosphere to even a simple dining room. Whether it’s stick candles or pillar candles, tea lights in color-coordinated glasses, or rustic lanterns – a small flame spreads a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Fresh flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers livens up the atmosphere and adds a colorful accent. Seasonal flowers and grasses arranged in simple containers look the most casual. But even a large flower in an unusual vase has the ability to attract attention.

  1. Colored accent wall

To visually highlight the dining area, it is recommended to use a colored accent wall. It provides table support in the room and highlights the dining group optimally. In front of it, tables, chairs and lamps can be presented beautifully in contrasting colors or simple black and white.