How do you achieve a minimalist look that isn’t impersonal?

The scaled down look is cool and neutral? Absolutely not! It’s just a matter of displaying some special pieces properly
A minimalist interior has many advantages, for example making it easier to clean. But most importantly, it’s about consciously saying yes to the things around you every day. That’s why the house doesn’t have to seem cold and sterile! We will tell you how you can give your apartment a minimalist look without having to sacrifice style and individuality.

Avoid cabinet handles
Cabinet doors with tip-on fittings or hidden handles in place of traditional handles are a great way to start. To make a wall unit more individual, make a statement or two, like here with oversized white handles.

To do this, simply unscrew the old handle and carefully fill the resulting hole with a suitable filling compound – which is why we recommend coating it now with a new coat of paint. You can also use this opportunity to repaint your cupboards. Push-to-open devices or tip-on fittings can be purchased at hardware stores and are very easy to install. And for statement handles, feel free to look around other departments – even a simple coat hanger like “The Dot” from Muuto can be repurposed wonderfully.

Limit yourself to a few items on open shelves
Open shelves will look better if they are not cluttered. Just choose your favorite works and arrange them according to your wishes. Think of open shelves as your personal gallery. And if you get bored, you can always reset it.

Make a statement with modern art
A large format piece of art will look neater and create a beautiful backdrop for your furniture. Colorful and abstract artwork in particular can add something definite to a minimalist room.

Add accents with color
With a minimalist look you don’t have to give up color completely. If you’re not sure, choose neutrals for larger areas and some bright colors for furniture, home accessories, or art.

It doesn’t always have to be a white cube
A minimalist interior doesn’t mean everything has to always be white. For example, play with certain materials that you use thoroughly. In this bathroom, mosaic tiles have been added to almost all the surfaces. Although the structure varies, the overall design of the room remains beautiful and simple.

Use curtains properly
Curtains that cover the entire height and width of the wall provide an elegant atmosphere to any room. Choose simple fabrics and make sure the curtains still provide enough sunlight to keep the room looking nice and open. Hidden curtain strips on the ceiling make everything look more elegant.

Simple bed
The bed doesn’t have to disappear under a pile of pillows to be comfortable. A simple sheet will work too! To make it truly beautiful, it’s best to limit yourself to one or two neutral colors.

Use the full height of the kitchen
With wall-length kitchen cabinets you have plenty of storage space and perhaps enough room for a floating kitchen island like this one. For a very clean look, the refrigerator and all other electrical appliances should also be hidden in tall kitchen cabinets.

Avoid large bathroom furniture
Especially in small bathrooms, it makes sense to store all toiletries in a mirrored cupboard. Bare surfaces always look neat, an attractive sink comes into its own – and mirrors make the bathroom appear larger

Avoid hanging lights
A clean ceiling is a great way to accentuate a minimalist look. For example, you can insert a light rail into the ceiling, eliminating the need for a large hanging lamp. However, it’s best to limit yourself to one or a maximum of two light rails, arranged geometrically so that things don’t look too busy.

Use only a small selection of colors and materials
Be careful when choosing materials, surfaces and colors, limit yourself to certain sets that you will use repeatedly. Different shades of gray and white as well as natural materials such as wood, for example, are the perfect combination for a minimalist look while exuding warmth.