How to choose a quality and modern sofa



Choosing a sofa is always a fun event for the whole family. Its appearance and quality depend not only on the durability of the purchased upholstered furniture and its appearance, but also on your comfort when using it.

Modern furniture factories produce a wide range of different sofas, the quality, design, categories of fabrics used are different. Sometimes it is quite difficult to make a choice. To understand which sofa is better to choose that best suits your needs and avoid mistakes, you must first clearly explain its purpose.

What are the requirements for sofas for an apartment and what is the difference between upholstered furniture designed for different rooms?

How to choose a sofa for your bedroom

When choosing a sofa bed for everyday use, you should focus on the quality and size of the bed. For daily sleep, a sofa with a spring mattress is the best choice for a sofa bed.

The surface should be smooth and even, the folding mechanism is simple and reliable. In small apartments, sofas with an accordion mechanism are very popular among customers, they are quite compact when folded and easily transform into a full-fledged bed.

It should be noted that any sofa will not benefit from everyday layout, but sofas with a tilt function in such situations are long and reliable, because nothing breaks.

A “longitudinal sleeper” or “dolphin” folding mechanism is also a good choice. Additional functions – a bed base and a bar with a folding table will also not be superfluous in the bedroom.

How to choose a sofa in the children’s room

Perhaps the children’s room is the place where your furniture will be tested for all possible tests – construction strength, fabric resistance to abrasion, water and mud repellent properties of the coating. After all, upholstered furniture in a child’s room also serves as a trampoline, playground and dining area. Therefore, you must pay attention to the strength of the frame and the quality of the upholstery materials, but the most important thing is of course the comfort and safety of the child.

All parts must be round, the frame must be covered with foam or felt, there must be no hard or sharp parts. The backrest must be high enough so that when sitting the baby does not lean against a cold wall, the bed must be flat and elastic, the folding mechanism is simple enough so that the child can easily hold it (for example, accordion, tipper sofa bed or Dolphin), all production materials – hypoallergenic. The aesthetic properties of children’s furniture – secondary, main – are quality and functionality. Availability of niches, boxes and boxes – welcome, because there are not so many favorite toys, and it is better to keep them “at hand. The padding should be unmarked, thick and easy to care for, but always “breathable”, with a high proportion of natural fibers.

Selection of sofas for the kitchen, dining room or hallway

Upholstered furniture for the kitchen, dining room or hallway should be compact and have thick upholstery that can be cleaned and wiped frequently. Depending on the interior of the house, you can buy a loft sofa, modern or classic style. This depends on personal preference, size and geometry of the room. Corner sofas are more functional because they take up the least space in the room and offer maximum possibilities.

How to choose a sofa in the living room

It all depends on your taste and imagination. The spacious living room offers a large corner sofa with a deep seat, large padded armrests and an ottoman. If you frequently host guests, there should be a maximum seating capacity (5.6 or more). The small living room is decorated with a small, light-colored sofa, which distracts attention from the size of the room and focuses on itself. Perhaps, upholstered furniture for the hallway is rarely opened and used for sleeping, so models with any layout mechanism, including French and folding beds, will do.

The main function of living room furniture is to decorate the room, giving you the opportunity to fully rest and relax. Bright and comfortable pillows are a great addition to comfortable upholstered furniture.

Harmonious interior design

When choosing upholstered furniture, you should consider the overall size and interior of the room. Of course, you need to choose furniture not only based on “clothes”, but also plays a serious role. The color and pattern of the upholstery fabric should be in harmony with the color scheme and general style of the room.

Bright colors and strict lines approach the interior in the Moderne style – modern or high-tech, rounded shapes and neutral tones – more in harmony with the classics. But it is not recommended to match the color of the coating to the walls, because you risk “losing” it on the general background. And if the sofa blends into the interior, highlight it with bright original pillows. Also measure the size, imagine whether the chosen model will look harmonious in a very spacious room or too small. When buying a corner sofa, pay attention to its configuration (left, right), layout direction and dimensions when unfolded. And of course you have to pay special attention to the quality of the sofa and the materials used.

How to check the quality of a sofa

If you are not an expert in the furniture industry, don’t be discouraged. High-quality upholstered furniture can be recognized by a number of characteristics.


As a lining fabric, the most suitable is a dense, wear-resistant fabric that does not allow dirt to penetrate deep into the fibers (the required color and structure are selected in the fabric catalog). A good option is flake, tapestry, chenille, artificial suede, microfiber. For each upholstery variant, the combination of natural and artificial fibers in the material is considered optimal. For expensive models, the price of the material can reach 75% of the price of the sofa. For more information – in the “Materials” section.

The seams on the upholstery fabric should be smooth, without protruding threads, the seams should be the same size. Furniture upholstery – stretches well, fixes evenly and is of high quality.

Transitions between furniture elements should not be too large (ideally about 5 mm).

All fasteners – one color, reliable, tightly installed, mechanisms – work smoothly.

Structural execution

Frame. The most durable and reliable are metal and wooden structures (oak, beech, mahogany), of the cheaper ones – chipboard, but such a frame must be treated with protective compounds and fastened with screws or “thorn-groove” joints.

Ink pen. If you need an orthopedic sofa for daily sleep – it is better to choose a model with a spring mattress or latex base, in models for rest and receiving guests – high density polyurethane foam is perfect.

The choice of transformation mechanism also depends on the purpose (as already mentioned) and is important for those who will use a folding sofa as a bed in the bedroom. The most reliable and “durable” for frequent layouts are Euro-book, book, accordion. The Conrad would also be an excellent choice for daily use and is almost on par with an orthopedic mattress in terms of quality. Be sure to test the design mechanism yourself several times before purchasing. If you have doubts about the quality (damage, sticky construction, workmanship is not smooth), it is better to choose another model.

Additional functionality. Niches and drawers for storing things, bars with tables should be easy to open/extend/open (try it yourself several times), spacious and easy to find.

And the last tip, even if you have little money, never buy a sofa that is too cheap, because it is not without reason that Baron Rothschild’s famous saying “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things” has always been so popular and relevant. Cheap sofas will not last long because they are made from low-quality materials, and in a year or two you will have to buy new furniture again.