Cozy bedroom: 11 easy and free tricks for interior makeover

Do you want to renovate your room but don’t want to dig deep into your pockets? We’ll show you eleven of the best tips for a comfortable bedroom, which are not only easy but also free

A comfortable bedroom like the ones in interior magazines? You can definitely make this dream come true with a few expensive purchases, but there is another way. The fact that many bedrooms do not look as beautiful and comfortable as the competitors on Instagram & Co. just because of the interior mistakes that we often make. However, with a few simple steps you can give your four walls an impressive upgrade.

When the weather starts to get colder and uncomfortably outside, we celebrate the cozy season with movie nights etc at home. Therefore, what is more important is that our bedroom is now very comfortable and invites you to spend time relaxing. And such changes don’t have to cost a lot of money – especially in the bedroom, you can bring comfort with just a few tricks. We show you eleven tips for more hygge – from the right lighting to decoration.

1. Interior hack: clear out non-essentials
What do you really need in a bedroom – and what could be missing? This question is sometimes not easy to answer, but once you engage in it, the whole room will benefit from it. The first step is to clean it, not just the cupboards. Anything unused in recent years and months can be lost – even large pieces of furniture. This makes the room quieter, you are not constantly distracted or having to move small objects. Because in the bedroom everything is about one thing: sleeping or relaxing. This should be a place to retreat, and there is a rule: less is more!

2. Ideas for a cozy bedroom: get rid of excess fabric
Since we’ve decluttered, we can also say goodbye to excess fabric, as too much fabric can quickly make a bedroom look messy and look smaller. Of course, fabric provides comfort and is actually an important decorative element in the bedroom (more on that in a moment), but the following applies here: quantity matters! So if you have blinds AND curtains, one of them can be placed in the basement to visually enlarge the room.

3. Interior tip: Organize and organize
The key to the perfect bedroom is a certain arrangement that can bring calm to the room. So if you’ve followed tip 1, now you need to sort and store leftover items. Always remember: If you are more organized, you won’t have to constantly clean! Everything looks neater, cleaner, and you can find your things faster. So, if you’ve cleaned out your closet, it’s a good idea to rearrange something. Beds with bed boxes are practical because they create space without the need for an additional chest of drawers.

4. Hack for interior makeover: Rearrange and redesign furniture
Are you slowly but surely starting to get bored with your interior design? Then it’s time to make changes that won’t cost anything. So just rearrange some furniture and give the room a completely new look. It’s hard to believe, but you can give a room a completely different effect that will surprise you every time you enter it for weeks! Whether it’s just changing the dressing table and bed, rearranging the position of the carpet or rearranging the lights and mirrors.

5. Interior hack: indirect light
With the right lighting, a bedroom instantly looks bigger, more inviting – and comfortable! By using indirect lighting or different light sources, different corners of the room can be highlighted and the room can be illuminated to suit different moods. Additional lighting from the study or living room will work wonders.

6. Bedroom Ideas: Rearrange the pillows
A sea of ​​pillows may feel comfortable, but they can make the bed look too full. If you save several of them, they will immediately appear larger. In addition to pillows, three to five decorative pillows is also a good amount. If you don’t want to say goodbye to all the pillows, it is worth rearranging or placing them differently. How about piling a few by the bed for some sort of dessert?

7. Interior hack: redecorate the dressing table
As we know, chests of drawers are not only practical, but also very helpful in decoration. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom, you can decorate your dressing table, shelves, etc. differently by simply rearranging the position of existing decorations or swapping them with another room. The important thing is not to overload the chest of drawers. Key words: “order” and “peace” in the room.

8. Organizing hack: make the bed (different).
Do you have any special techniques for making the bed? Then you are not alone. To give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint, you can ditch old habits and try something new. It’s just a small change, but the impact is big! For example, you can layer by laying several blankets on top of each other, folding them differently or folding them again – they all look slightly different. However, there are also candidates who have never made their beds. If you are one of them, you should start doing this immediately: This will visually tidy up the room and make it look neater and more stylish.

9. Ideas for a cozy room: photo gallery
No more blank walls: Gallery walls are a great idea to give your room more personality. Whether you want to decorate an entire wall with it or just hang three pictures next to each other is of course up to you. But the fact is: pictures on the wall create a homey atmosphere in the room in no time.

10. Interior hack: the right colors
The bedroom should be the most important thing: comfortable. And color plays a very important role in this. Popular wall colors are, for example, blue (ensuring relaxation and improving sleep quality), gray (neutral yet elegant) or white/beige (can be combined in various ways). However, pink or green can also make a room look modern and comfortable.

11. Interior hack: Design a room with plants
Plants are always a great idea as they can instantly put you in a good mood – this also applies to the bedroom. Bromeliads (also called “anti-snoring plants”) or shutters (aka Monstera) are perfect for indoors. And of course, cacti and succulents always work too.