Shopping Guide: How to Find the Right Living Room Sofa for 2024

The sofa is the absolute centre of attention in the living room. Not surprisingly! This is where you can relax after a long day at work, laze around on the weekend and chat with friends, occasionally party and raise a glass. Yes, a sofa set like this in the living room is an excellent place in your home. Often, starting with the couch, the entire room is immersed in a harmonious style in which the sofa becomes the centre of attention. So you can find the right sofa for your living room, our interior experts will tell you what you should pay attention to when buying. We’ll also give you tips on proper placement, and you can quickly find your new living room sofa using our checklist!

What type of sofa is suitable for my living room?

Unfortunately, not all sofas fit in every living room. If space is limited, it is not practical to place a large living room in a small living room. As an island for everyday life, it is best to choose a sofa based on its appearance, comfort, and the space it offers. You must examine the room and your needs to ensure you select the correct seating set for your living room! Once you’ve done that, you can look for the right sunbathing page!

Tip: Do you want your sofa to be in a bay window? Then, choose one that is the same shape as the bay window. If it is round, the couch should also have a curved back.

A corner sofa for every living room

Small living room equals small sofa? Not necessarily. Corner sofas also make effective use of space. Make sure the couch has legs to make it look lighter. To avoid blocking the way in a small living room with a corner sofa, you can invest in small side tables that can be pushed together. A bench or armchair is a great idea if you have enough space in a large living room and want somewhere else to sit beside a corner sofa. But Don’t choose a matching armchair (from the same row) as the sofa. This gets boring very quickly. It is better to buy armchairs that visually harmonize with the corner sofa but are also very effective.

When is it a corner sofa, and when is it a 3-seater? Corner sofas make the best use of space. If you have a free corner and not much space, they are highly recommended.

Sofa set, 3 or 4 seater, ottoman or living room set for large living rooms

Are you one of the lucky ones who can look forward to a large living room? There are lots of things you can do when it comes to sofas! Make the most of the space with a large sofa. A modern sofa set or an entire living room is ideal here. If you want to be more “mix and match”, choose a large ottoman or 3-4 seater as a single sofa and combine armchairs and benches from other model series. You can visually delimit the corners with a carpet – this ensures comfort and gives the room a homely feel! If the sofa is placed in the middle, it can also function as a room divider, such as a dining room divider.

Small two-seater sofa or three-seater modular sofa for a small living room

When arranging a small living room, you should combine a sofa bed or a small sofa. Small but sound is the motto here! Because in terms of design, it can stand out even more. Also suitable: Modular sofas that you can customize and change! This means you can organize your living space flexibly; even if you move to a larger apartment, you can easily adapt it. A small modular ottoman is also suitable here.

Sofa bed for apartments, shared spaces or simply because it is practical

Do you often have guests, or do you have a one-bedroom apartment? Then it would help if you thought about a sofa bed. This option is ideal, especially if there is no additional living space. The best: Our new sofa bed model, Elliot, proves that modern “iconic” design is compatible with functionality. Additionally, this series has matching armchairs that are also impressive for limited spaces.

Luxurious materials: velvet or corduroy sofas are trending!

Models of grey, beige, or cream fabric are timeless, and you can’t go wrong with them. But you can score points with unusual shapes. This amazing option is available to anyone who wants to use the sofa material to create a highlight in the room. Velvet provides an elegant accent in the room and is very soft and adorable. It looks more feminine and elegant. Corduroy, on the other hand, is a strong material and has a more masculine and cool effect.

Have you found your favourite living room sofa? You should check this checklist before purchasing:

Budget: Before you look for a new sofa, you need to decide how much you want to spend on it. Here’s how to find a sofa that fits your budget.

Space: To determine the size of the sofa, it is important to measure the room or space for the new living room sofa carefully first. If you live in a small apartment, perhaps only a two-seater is suitable. A comfortable corner sofa or two sofas facing each other is ideal for larger rooms.

Usage: Is the sofa just for sitting, or should it also serve as a bed for overnight guests? Will it stay like this forever, or should it be modular?

Sofa shape: corner sofa, round sofa, sofa without armrests, sofa bed and, and, and. Does the preferred shape suit your space? Do another check.

How to use the sofa

Family den: Big living room and kids? The living room is ideal so that everyone has space.

Lounge Area: Do you like inviting friends over? Then, choose two sofas facing each other to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have space, combine it with a small armchair or pouffe. This makes it even friendlier!

Oasis TV: Do you usually watch TV on the couch? The L-shaped corner sofa with a built-in chaise gives you enough space to stretch out and make yourself comfortable.

Cuddly zone: Do you use the living room sofa to relax comfortably during the day and also to sleep on it? A sofa with a sleeping function is a practical and stylish way to combine the two.

The choice of appropriate shape must be adapted to your personal preferences and spatial conditions. If you want to make maximum use of the niche, choose a comfortable L-shaped sofa. This sofa shape can also function well as a room divider.

What characterizes it is its shape, which is based on the letter L. The name is also borrowed: L-Sofa. This joins the classic U-shaped corner sofa and various upholstered corners. The L-shaped sofa combines many positive features: It can be optimally placed in a corner, making it a perfect corner solution, and it has a large reclining area where you can relax while lying and sitting. However, there’s no harm in placing an L-shaped sofa in the middle of the room. There, it can function as a room divider and separate an area to make it feel comfortable. Models with a spacious lounge module and no armrests are our favourites. They offer an open atmosphere and are therefore very suitable if the L sofa stands freely in the room. When choosing a size, you must ensure that the proportions are correct. A large sofa in XXL format may look out of place in a small living room – of course, it is the opposite. So that the room looks neat, you should also pay attention to the existing furniture, such as shelves or cupboards. Another crucial aspect is the daily number of people sitting on the L-shaped sofa. Seating space should be planned for at least 60 cm, preferably 80 cm, for each person. Combined with a comfortable lounge module, an L-shaped sofa for three people can be 300 cm wide and 160 cm or more deep.

Also, choose the material and colour of the sofa according to your needs. Upholstered furniture with white fabric coverings is popular, but dirt shows through more quickly. The colour of the couch plays an essential role in the living room. You can’t go wrong with a timeless grey sofa – but you can get a more considerable wow effect with a coloured sofa as an eye-catcher. Do you have a dog or cat? Leather or faux leather sofas are easier to care for than fabric sofas but are still famous for sharpening claws. More sensible: Alcantara. It feels like suede but is very scratch-resistant.

Do you like comfort but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics and design? Then a sofa with a trendy Scandinavian style is the right sofa for you! A futon sofa bed with a solid pine wood frame is very trendy.

From guest beds to permanent sofa beds – Scandinavian sofa beds can be easily integrated into Nordic interiors and meet many different needs.

If you are looking for a simple, stylish, and functional sofa bed, the Scandinavian style is the right choice. Its light-looking design makes it suitable for small spaces, but simplicity also means you can maintain quality.

You can find out here about what a Scandinavian sofa bed is, what the difference is between a transverse and a longitudinal bed, what precisely a recliner and a daybed are, and what you should consider when buying a sofa bed.

At first glance, a Scandi-style sofa bed looks like a Scandinavian sofa. Sofa beds—even in Scandinavian style—are often 2-seaters that fit well into a living room, bedroom, or office. The difference is that if it is not a daybed or chaise longue, it can be quickly converted into a bed substitute.

This conversion usually occurs in one of two variants: the sofa bed can be pulled out, or the backrest can be folded to create a reclining surface. Pull-out sofas also often offer storage space as a bed box.

A large leather sofa is the perfect addition to a rustic interior style. A Chesterfield sofa can effectively complement an English country house style in the living room or a rough industrial look.

However, a fabric sofa with a light-coloured cover fits the style of a French country house. It also looks fantastic with decorative pillows, including floral motifs. A velvet sofa can also be perfectly integrated into the living room if you like something a little more feminine.

Sofa delivered? Here’s how to properly place a couch in the living room

Wall or centre: Placed next to the wall is the classic version. Now, what is trending is free-standing sofas. As a room divider or a focal point for the living room, try this trend, too! This makes the room appear wider.

Seating options: If you want your living room sofa to extend into the room, you’ll need to consider how you want to sit. Take a floor plan of the room and draw various options.

Diagonal: A sofa also looks very beautiful diagonally in front of the corner of a large living room. With this variant, you should ensure enough space between the sofa and the corner.