Our furnishing ideas: Country house style living room

Comfort, beautiful home accessories, and romantic design—the country house style is perfect, especially in the living room. High-quality natural materials such as wood, rattan, linen, and cotton are featured in a stylish mix with modern lamps, soft pastel colours, and simple furnishings. If you also want to design your living room in a trendy country house style, you will get useful tips from our interior experts. In no time, you can transform your living room into a stylish room with country house charm!

Country house style living room: overview

Cosy, down to earth and close to nature, the country house style is back in style! But did you know that there are different variants? We will briefly introduce you to the three most important ones:

Modern Scandinavian country house style: The design language is essential for the contemporary Scandinavian country house style. Choose precise shapes and combine them with subtle colours—you’re done! Of course, the trendy Scandi style goes perfectly with this. The contrast between old and new furniture also contributes to a modern feel. Our combination tip: Combine industrial style with metal elements and industrial lighting accents.

French country house style: French country house styles often lean towards the maritime and create a coastal atmosphere. However, light pink and light purple shades also play an essential role besides earthy colours. Natural materials such as terracotta tiles and clay pots fill the romantic interior.

English country house style: Many patterns on the fabric, such as plaid, ensure pure comfort in the living room. Wallpaper with floral or checkered motifs, Chesterfield sofas and dark wood furniture are also in demand. Brown, ocher, red, dark green, gold and emerald colours complement the British style.

Classic colours and patterns in a country house-style living room

Naturalness is the most important keyword for living in a country house style. Therefore, earth tones dominate the room. But soft pastel colours are also welcome. For patterns, you can play with stripes, checks, and florals.

Whether as a timeless classic or as a modern variant, the country house style is truly versatile, even in white. It’s no wonder that the bright interior design style is very popular with many interior fans around the world. A white living room focuses mainly on natural materials and light colors.

This is then combined with rustic home furniture in a timeless design. This creates a casual elegance that gives the living room a new look. In a modern country house-style living room, rustic country house furniture takes a back seat. Give your living room the space it needs with lots of white!

Additional Wall Tips: The best wall paint is light, cream, or light brown. Wallpaper with the look of brick or unplastered walls is also a great, lively idea for your rustic living room!

What materials suit the style of a country house?

Natural materials are a must to make your living room shine with a nostalgic or modern country house style. The following things are essential when setting up:

Wood and rattan

Ceramics, stone and clay

Covers are made of cotton, linen and leather

Country house furniture in the living room

The sofa is in the middle of the room. Therefore, it is best to decide between a slipcover sofa and a Chesterfield model. A large solid wood coffee table is ideal for this. Traditional furniture such as armchairs or small wooden stools also perfectly complement your sofa corner. Then what about carpets made from natural fibres?

Wall units for televisions and decor are also classic. Alternatively, you can use a beautiful antique display cabinet as storage space and, for example, display your china there. Or you can rely on sideboards and chests of drawers made of solid wood. If you plan a dining group in the living room, it is best to design it with a rustic wooden dining table. The cover also fits perfectly over the chair – creating the perfect country house look in your living room!

Could you turn it on? Lighting in the living room of a country house

Brightness is significant for country house style. Therefore, you must rely on sufficient light sources. We recommend at least one ceiling lamp, one-floor lamp, and one table lamp. In terms of style, you can be inspired by vintage models. Lampshades, chandeliers or even lamps made of porcelain – your imagination has no limits!

Decorate the living room in a country house-style

Home accessories are available in a wide variety of styles for a very personal touch. Decorated porcelain boxes or romantic painted wall plates in French chic are as popular as vases with cute porcelain patterns. You can then decorate them with a romantic garland. Rustic baskets that you can also use for storage, as well as decorations from nature, are also suitable. Regarding country house style, nostalgic vintage decorative accessories, such as those made of zinc or copper, are also trendy.

Accessories and home textiles ensure comfort and a harmonious overall look in the living room of a country house. The living room is the room in the house where you spend most of the day. Here, you can unwind, relax on the sofa, watch your favourite series and laugh with family and friends. Large plaids, elegant pillows made of linen or cotton, and woven carpets are simply fabulous for a natural oasis of well-being.

Delicate geometric patterns on a light background look stylish in a white living room like a country house. A must-have is sheepskin on the corner of the sofa—made from equally comfortable faux sheepskin, of course!