Modern Kitchen Design: How do you design a contemporary and stylish kitchen?

The kitchen is a room that has evolved over the years into an open and comfortable space. Therefore, modern kitchen design must meet several essential criteria:

  1. It should be a warm and welcoming place where families gather and spend time together.
  2. The floor plan must be thought out in such a way that ergonomic principles are taken into account.
  3. A good kitchen must be practical and consider the user’s lifestyle.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation and considering a modern kitchen, read our tips and tricks and get inspired!

When looking at modern kitchen designs, you get the impression that current trends are dominated by coolness and independence. But that’s not all. A contemporary kitchen should be an optimally functioning place where we feel comfortable. And a perfect kitchen design must also be beautiful to look at.

A unique kitchen that combines modern style with well-thought-out functionality. This kitchen contrasts bright, textured white and elegant jet black, combining contemporary taste with classic sophistication. The combination of natural colours and matt black creates a unique look. Modern kitchen design combines naturalness with restrained colours. In this kitchen with an adjoining living room, Underwood mixes elegance for an elegant look. High-quality materials and precision craftsmanship characterize spaces that are the centre of family and social life. The kitchen sets a visual highlight and meets the highest ergonomic requirements. A modern kitchen island, equipped with stylish bar stools, will quickly become a popular meeting place, while innovative built-in appliances ensure an efficient and comfortable cooking experience. Dark colours in the kitchen area and work surfaces create an exciting depth effect that makes the kitchen eye-catching.

Modern kitchen design – functional and comfortable

Modern kitchen design, first and foremost, should be user-friendly. One of the characteristics of a user-friendly kitchen is maximizing the use of space by implementing innovative solutions and techniques that make everyday life a little easier. The material chosen is also essential to pay attention to in modern kitchen design. Simple and minimalist materials with a textured touch are the right choice to create a contemporary feel. We recommend that you consider materials such as wood, concrete or tiles. Modern furniture, appliances and decorative accessories best complement modern kitchen architectural elements. A cute combination of different materials and colours will delight your visitors and make them want to spend every second in the kitchen because an excellent modern kitchen is more than just aesthetic. It is also comfortable, functional and easy to use.

What colours should you use to design a modern kitchen?

White dominates modern kitchen trends. It is a good choice because it is universal, timeless and neutral. These properties allow it to harmonize with various colours and other materials. Additionally, white is associated with minimalism and cleanliness – critical features of the modern design style.

However, dark colours also play an important role in modern design. Charcoal has become a more popular choice lately. Other shades of grey and black are also prevalent in contemporary design; we completely understand that. Dark colours create an elegant impression that paradoxically emphasizes the minimalist features of modern design.

However, if you want something colourful, you will love an interior with slightly bolder colours. Bold shades and hues on painted kitchen cabinets look fantastic. The most popular colours for modern kitchen furniture are green, purple, and navy blue. They are wildly successful when combined with white tiles and marble. This type of design creates a sophistication and exclusivity that seems difficult to achieve. But with our tips and tricks, you’ll quickly make a well-designed kitchen!

Innovative materials and colour combinations for modern kitchens

Innovative materials and colour combinations are essential when designing a modern kitchen. High-quality materials such as plastic, glass or stainless steel give the kitchen a contemporary and elegant appearance. They are also durable and easy to clean.

A popular colour combination for modern kitchens is bold colours with neutral tones. For example, a kitchen table in bright burgundy can be combined with a simple black kitchen table. This creates an exciting contrast that especially accentuates the kitchen design.

Using different textures and surfaces can also make the kitchen design more attractive. For example, a smooth front can be combined with a structured back panel to create a visual accent.

Overall, innovative materials and colour combinations offer various options for designing modern and individual kitchens.

Colours and raw materials related to nature are becoming increasingly popular in the design industry. Kitchen design is no exception. Beautiful wooden cabinets combined with black kitchen countertops create an inspiring atmosphere. Natural, raw materials radiate warmth and bring the space a lovely, homely feel. White furniture can also be combined well with beautiful wooden architectural elements. Both black and white give the overall interior more depth and exciting variety. You can also experiment with covering the backsplash with wood. Contemporary design techniques create an illusion, making the room appear more spacious and warmer.

The importance of light and space in kitchen design

Kitchen design plays a significant role in creating a modern and functional kitchen. An important aspect is the correct use of light and space. The light, bright space gives the kitchen an open and inviting feel. You can visually enlarge the space using large windows or intelligent lighting while creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

Another critical factor is intelligent interior design. More imaginative storage solutions and carefully arranging kitchen elements can optimize the available space. Open shelves and cupboards without handles give the kitchen a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

The right combination of light and space is critical to a successful kitchen design.

Much light enters the home’s kitchen thanks to the large window front. This brightness invites you to linger indoors. The kitchen embodies everything that defines modern kitchen design: simple, pure design, clear lines and high-quality materials.

Modern kitchen design – island

Making the kitchen an open space is the most critical design decision and characteristic of modern kitchen design. This shows how important it is to spend time with friends and family. The open floor plan allows the kitchen to become a space where we can chat and socialize, even while cooking. The kitchen island is the perfect link between the kitchen and the living room. It marks the boundary between areas and can be accessed simultaneously from the kitchen and living room. Adding an island or peninsula is a practical solution for modern kitchen designs. This is a place where you can cook, wash, and prepare food, hang out, and enjoy your morning coffee on the bar stools around the island.

Modern kitchen with dining and living room

As mentioned earlier, modern interiors include open kitchens. Therefore, the combination of kitchen and living room is a characteristic of contemporary interior design. Removing the wall between the kitchen and living room implies a different design concept and era. Mental well-being plays a vital role in this era of design. The open floor plan allows for a more social lifestyle. We all need to share our love and life with people close to us. Therefore, this design method is preferred by many people who value human contact and warmth. Another advantage of the open space design method is the openness of the space. By removing unnecessary walls, the room feels brighter and more spacious. You have everything in view, which makes life situations very pleasant as you think everything is under control. Cooking doesn’t have to exclude the chef from attending social gatherings or cause him to miss his favourite television shows.

However, it can be accepted that open kitchens also have a few drawbacks. Opening up the space between the kitchen and living room exposes the living room to the smells and sounds of cooking and various kitchen equipment at work. If done correctly, opening up a room doesn’t have to mean disrupting the peace of the living room. If the open space is planned optimally, then the shortcomings will not exist, and what is left is a kitchen and living room that is super modern, functional and beautiful.

Although most contemporary kitchen designs consist of open plans, many small kitchen interiors are inspiring. When designed properly, even the most minor kitchen can accommodate a modern style as successfully as an open floor plan.

Equipped with a modern kitchen

Furniture that suits modern and contemporary kitchen designs is full of innovative and ergonomic solutions. They include a practical module, a loading rack and a silent locking system.

In most cases, furniture in a modern kitchen interior should blend with the room’s architectural elements. This creates an undisturbed, simple, and minimalist whole, a hallmark of contemporary design. When you enter a modern kitchen, you immediately notice that most appliances are hidden. Only a few carefully selected decorative accessories are visible throughout the interior. This creates a very thoughtful design concept of exclusivity and also brings functional value – everything has its place and also makes cleaning easier. Therefore, we recommend choosing floor-to-ceiling cupboards that do not require excessive handles and decorations. This adds exclusivity and functionality to the room and allows for more storage space. The glossy finish is perfect for this type of room and furniture in a modern-style kitchen. This creates a sophisticated and futuristic atmosphere while reflecting light beautifully, making the room appear brighter and more spacious.

Handleless cupboards are often featured in modern kitchen designs. Its smooth front structure makes the selected kitchen furniture mysterious and hypnotic. As we know, contemporary kitchen design focuses on minimalism, and thanks to handleless design, modern kitchen design styles are increasingly easy to realize. A black and white kitchen with cupboards without handles is undoubtedly a great choice if you dream of renovating your home and creating a modernist dream kitchen.

The role of technology in modern kitchen equipment

Modern kitchen equipment is characterized by innovative technologies that make everyday kitchen life easier and more comfortable. Examples include handleless drawers and cupboard doors, which make opening and closing easy thanks to innovative damper technology.

Modern kitchen equipment also plays an important role. Induction cooktops, steamers, smart refrigerators and freezers offer a variety of functions and features that make cooking and preparing food easier. For example, intelligent cookers enable precise temperature adjustments and automatic adjustments to the size of cookware.

Additionally, integrating smart home technology can enhance the kitchen experience. From controlling lighting to voice assistants to automatically ordering groceries, the possibilities are endless.

Selecting and using the right technology can make a modern kitchen more functional, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Upper kitchen cupboards

Upper kitchen cabinets are practical furniture and essential for interior design. They become very functional and even necessary, especially in kitchens with an open floor plan. However, since they will be visible (even if the rest of the kitchen is hidden behind the peninsula or kitchen island design), we suggest you consider the aesthetics of the upper cabinets.

Kitchens with floor-to-ceiling cabinets are much more practical than kitchens designed without overhead storage options. Therefore, this type of cupboard is an ideal solution for small kitchens with limited access to space. Choosing a smooth front without handles will make the room more spacious. Floor-to-ceiling furniture also adds a lot of style and elegance to the room, which is desirable in modern kitchen designs.

However, open shelving is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs instead of closed floor-to-ceiling cupboards. This design choice adds much light to the interior and makes it lively in a different way. However, keeping clean and tidy is essential, as open shelves do not clutter the room. However, if done correctly, open shelving will produce a beautiful, practical and visually appreciable design.

A modern accessory that will highlight the style of the kitchen

Modern kitchens are not only built with modern furniture and colour choices. Contemporary style is also achieved with the proper use of decorative accessories.

Complementary accessories have become a trend in kitchen interior design. In contrast to the minimalism achieved with simple and calm colours, it is worth considering contrasting accessories. Pendant lights are a great choice. Large lamps with intense colours attract attention, even among household members. Pendant lights are a great addition to the kitchen because they can be replaced anytime to create an entirely new style. Another exciting kitchen accessory is a freestanding refrigerator, perhaps with an ice maker. Exclusive fixtures and appliances always bring comfort and luxury to a modern kitchen, especially if you dare to buy them in bold colours.

Metallic, black, white and gold accessories and equipment are recommended to brighten up your modern minimalist kitchen.

Practical tips for implementing modern kitchen design

If you want to make your kitchen design modern, some practical tips can help you:

  1. Choose high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean.
  2. Make optimal use of the available space, for example, through intelligent storage space and carefully arranging kitchen elements.
  3. Rely on innovative technology that makes everyday kitchen life easier and more convenient.
  4. Experiment with colours and textures to create attractive accents.
  5. Ensure good lighting creates an open and inviting atmosphere.

With these practical tips, you can successfully implement a modern kitchen design and create a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Inspiration for various kitchen design styles

Kitchen design offers a variety of options for implementing different styles. Here are some inspiring ideas:

  • Scandinavian design: Clean lines, bright colours, and natural materials such as wood create a modern and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Industrial style: A combination of metal, concrete and rustic elements for an urban and modern look.
  • Country house style: Natural materials, pastel colours and cute details for a cosy and traditional kitchen.
  • Minimalist design: Reduced shapes, clean lines, and a neutral colour palette for a modern and timeless aesthetic.
  • Retro charm: Colorful elements, cute patterns and vintage accessories for a nostalgic look.

Get inspired by these styles and find the right look for your modern kitchen.