Scandinavian style kitchen

Simple, attractive, and functional—a Scandinavian–style kitchen can do many things at once. It is elegant and exudes Nordic hospitality. That’s why people love sitting, cooking, and eating in Scandi kitchens. We show you how to bring chic style to your home.

This trend is here to stay: the Scandi-look kitchen exceeds your desire for a kitchen. Inspired by the “Hygge” lifestyle, Scandinavian-style kitchens are very comfortable, don’t require much fss, and rely on straight shapes. This makes Scandi kitchens timeless and ensures that you feel like you’re in the kitchen with Nordic-inspired furniture, never getting bored. Find out here what colours, materials, and decorations make up a Scandinavian kitchen and how you can achieve that look with the right steps!

A little style review: What is Scandi Style?

If you believe the UN World Happiness Report, Danes are among the happiest people in the world. But why does this happen, and how can we apply this attitude to our home lives? The secret lies in your attitude towards life and your opinion about the situation.

Danes love comfort, spending much time with their loved ones, and making every moment “hyggelig.” Hygge can also be integrated into everyday life and living spaces. To do this, you internalize the magic word “slow down” and combine it with comfort.

Please focus on the essentials and use colours that exude harmony and sensual materials to make it more casual.

Scandinavian style can be expressed in the kitchen mainly with natural materials. Wood and stone, in particular, stimulate the senses because their look and feel are unmatched.

Stainless steel and refined decoration: kitchen elements from Vipp

Contrast, like a black stainless steel kitchen from Vipp, provides clarity and brings calm to the kitchen. Ultimately, the right accessories make it Scandinavian, such as wooden planks, dried flowers or a rough-knotted wool rug with a rustic structure.


But more than just the kitchen’s appearance is essential for Scandinavians. Functionality comes first. The kitchen in the north end should be clearly and neatly structured. A simple design with enough storage space for all kitchen utensils is highly desirable. This means that a Scandinavian-designed kitchen is not only a place to cook but also a room where you can meet with family and friends and exchange news in a comfortable atmosphere.

A little style review: What is Scandi Style?

Anyone who has spent winter in Denmark, Sweden or Norway knows it can be dark here for up to 17 hours a day in the winter months. Nowhere else knows better how to equip your home to feel good for your body and mind with precise shapes and natural materials such as wood, textiles and ceramics. Scandi style is not only about trendy furniture styles but also about a holistic and harmonious interaction between controlled interiors, muted colours and the positive and warm effect they have on well-being. You can already find the basic features or elements of the Scandinavian interior trend in your four walls. Otherwise, it would help if you upgraded your kitchen to Nordic style. No room is visited more often than the kitchen, which is the focal point of everyday life. What’s more important is that this room is designed to be closed and exude a comfortable atmosphere.

Modern Scandinavian kitchens are really on trend and are the perfect choice if you value the combination of functionality with straight lines and simplicity. What makes this interior design style unique, and how can you create your dream kitchen quickly and easily? Bright colours, precise shapes, wooden elements and simple accents make the Scandinavian kitchen a special place for well-being.


If you want to style a Scandinavian kitchen, it’s best to avoid unnecessary frills or frills. Because in keeping with the motto “Less is more”, Scandi style impresses with its clear lines and edges. Instead, the focus is on functionality and enough storage space to create order in the kitchen. For example, a spacious drawer with a soft-close function or a practical Le Mans cupboard.

Scandinavian kitchen – what styles are there?

There are several different options available to bring Nordic calm and comfort into your cooking and dining space:

Classic Scandinavian Kitchen: A classic country house kitchen creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The trendy wooden look, combined with light colours such as white or light blue, and various nostalgic elements, such as the curved handles on the kitchen front and the typical Nordic wall drawings, exude a refined and cheerful charm. Rustic accessories made of stoneware and wicker also highlight the Scandi style.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen: Another variant is pure-looking Scandinavian cuisine. The combination of simple furnishings, handle-free kitchen fronts and colour accents in darker tones is impressive here. According to designer kitchens, grey is popular and creates an elegant atmosphere. Stainless steel appliances can also shine in a timeless Scandinavian kitchen. A kitchen island you can use as a cooking area or a practical kitchen table will look very neat, highlighting the modern style.

Tips for Scandinavian furniture in the kitchen

You now know the important rough data about Scandinavian furniture in the kitchen. Let’s start diving deeper and sharing all the tips and tricks. Make yourself hygge!

1. From grey to smoky blue: Scandi-style colour palette

Calm colours in natural tones and simple lines soothe – not only your own mind but also the room. Whether choosing kitchen furniture, chairs, or wall colours, choose light colours such as white, grey, or light smoky blue. Greige, a warm beige and grey mix, is widespread and can be combined perfectly with black wooden elements, sinks and kitchen fixtures.

2. White dominates

When talking about Scandinavian kitchen colour design, white dominates in various shades. Warm white as a base proves to be a good choice here. Warm white kitchen furniture guarantees warmth and peace; on the other hand, pure white can look airy and fresh. Combining modern kitchen colours, such as light blue, vanilla yellow, or light rose, can create a lovely accent.

3. Ingredients in a Scandinavian kitchen

Wooden raw materials represent naturalness and should be present in a Scandi kitchen. Light untreated wood, in particular, creates a comfortable, original and pleasant atmosphere that invites you to cook, eat and relax. Glossy kitchen fronts with solid wood worktops can also be found in Scandinavian kitchens, providing a modern look.

Of course, the decor also focuses on natural materials such as leather, fur, linen and cotton. If you have an open kitchen, leather-covered chairs for the table or benches with faux fur will attract attention. Wall shelves with woven items, Scandinavian kitchen lamps, Nordic drawings and geometric or graphic patterns and shapes further enhance the Scandi look.

If you prefer something more fun, you can decorate pictures, pillows, etc., with leaves or flower tendrils. Native flowers and plants are essential in a Scandinavian kitchen and provide a surefire treat.

Kitchen furniture for a modern Scandinavian kitchen

Apart from natural materials, the most essential characteristic of a Scandinavian kitchen is a kitchen shape with clear lines and sufficient storage space. There are no unnecessary frills or frills. The following applies here: less is more!

Scandinavian kitchens usually offer other storage space solutions besides cupboards for plates, pans, etc. Spacious drawers, a practical Le Mans cupboard, and a display cabinet ensure an organized atmosphere. Functionality always comes before looks.

4. Household items that create space

Both colour, furniture, and household appliances should demand less attention. Therefore, adequately placed built-in appliances are necessary for a Nordic-style kitchen environment. The fact that not all household appliances are the same becomes immediately apparent when you compare the features of different manufacturers. One thing that stands out in the Scandinavian style is the name of the unique function in which the oven door completely disappears under the cooking chamber when opened. Did you know that wall-mounted extractor hoods are no longer necessary? The induction hob with an integrated extractor sucks out the odours that arise: straight from the hob. With this intelligent solution, you can create space in no time.

5. Scandinavian kitchen table ideas

Wood plays a vital role in the Scandi style. That’s why many people choose work desks made of solid wood (for example, oak or beech). Wood is a natural, renewable raw material that creates a pleasant indoor climate. In addition, the surface and structure of the solid wood kitchen table are also unique. Thus, you get a truly unique piece for your kitchen!

Of course, you are not tied to a wooden table. Kitchen tables made of natural stone also fit nicely into Scandinavian kitchens. A kitchen table made from revolutionary materials such as Dekton or Neolith will look elegant.

6. Decorate in a clean Nordic way

The interior experts at Studio Wohnglück have taken the Scandinavian look to the extreme in their founder’s renovated home: two minimalist wall lamps in Nordic Clean Style illuminate the work desk and decorate the walls with their serene design.

Like the lighting, they rely on the Nordic label for kitchen chairs with curved backs. Small, symmetrical patterns on pillows, cloth napkins, or placemats fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style. High-quality handcrafted ceramics bring authentic, nature-loving Scandinavian charm to the dining table. Colour should also be present in a modern Scandi-style kitchen.

Our tip: A table or worktop made of terrazzo brings life and structure to the look of a Nordic kitchen.

Ideas for more comfort in the kitchen

The bloggers know how to make the most of every room and reveal how your Scandi kitchen can be a happy place.

Sitting in the kitchen by the fire and watching your favourite person cook? Oh yes! A real fire with a cozy crackling sound in the fireplace complements an authentic Nordic interior. You can’t get more comfort, warmth, and fun factor!

A hack that not only pleases guests but also turns your everyday lunch or dinner into an experience: the warm plate on which the dish is served. Doesn’t that sound like a big deal? But, for the sake of the new warming drawer, you can enjoy taking the time to plate beautifully in everyday life and in large groups and celebrate our food as never before. The warming drawer has opened up new possibilities for you. To match the oven, the warming drawer also comes in an elegant grey colour and is placed directly under the stove.

Interesting facts & frequently asked questions.

What defines the Scandinavian style?

Scandi style impresses with its functionality and straightforward design. Its characteristics include lots of storage space, fresh colours, and the kitchen as the living room’s focal point.

How is the Scandinavian style right for me?

Do you like nature and natural materials, or do you enjoy holidaying in northern latitudes? Then, the Scandinavian design will delight you.

Cooking with Hygge: Tips for your Scandinavian design

Minimalist and neat kitchen

Scandinavian style became popular in the 1950s but is still a trend in interior design today.

Cooking, frying, baking—the kitchen’s main function matters. Even so, it can also be transformed into a comfortable place. Just follow the following inspiration for the initial setup and redesign.

Wood: This natural material brings warmth and character to the kitchen area as a worktop, sideboard or cupboard. Combined with glass and stainless steel, it gets a modern touch.

White and grey: Light colours are the perfect base colours for kitchen fronts and areas. The white-coated wooden surface looks very elegant.

Soft and rounded: Chairs, tables and decorative elements should have smooth contours.

Simple is beautiful: Use some accessories that are important to you. At most, they have additional functions.

Light sources: Lamps and ceiling chandeliers should provide the warmest light possible. Place several small lights in the room to create a comfortable nighttime atmosphere.

Practical and beautiful: Emphasize beautiful accents even in the details and choose towels with soft colours, matching patterns and motifs.