Country house kitchens: from classic to modern

Modern country house kitchen – in white, natural wood or sage green

Whether interpreted modernly or classically – all country house kitchens have one thing in common: they are very comfortable and awaken our desire for freshly baked bread and grandmother’s stories. We will show you a beautiful country house-style kitchen.
For a long time, country house kitchens have existed because they are considered ancient. The “rustic” attribute associated with it suggests that a country house-style kitchen and modern living are incompatible. However, this opinion has recently changed radically. In addition to classic country house kitchens, young and contemporary country house kitchens, planned with modern materials and the latest high-tech appliances, have established themselves in the kitchen market – which is still very different from modern or designer kitchens. Regarding country house kitchens, buyers are spoiled for choice: classic or contemporary. But whichever version you prefer, the country house style always represents comfort and warmth, even in the modern version. A country house kitchen creates a comfortable retreat where you can recuperate from the stress of everyday life.

Why are country house kitchens so popular?

Our lives are becoming faster, busier, and more stressful. You must always be available and informed in real time at work and in your personal life. So it’s unsurprising that many people long for a place inviting them to relax. A country-style kitchen is one of the most popular places to create such a space. We find peace only through radiated comfort. Therefore, the kitchen studio offers many modern and classic country house-style kitchens.

In particular, young people who buy their first kitchen are attracted to country home cooking. They often grew up with modern, simple kitchens and want more comfort. But that doesn’t mean they want to live without the latest technology. It’s unnecessary: ​​In contemporary country house kitchens, as in handleless designs, ultra-modern appliances with intelligent functions can be installed.

What makes a country house kitchen?

All kitchen shapes are suitable for modern and classic country house kitchens. There are clear design rules to keep in mind when planning a kitchen. You can usually recognize a country house kitchen by its front. Profiled frames or cassette fronts are essential features that can be found in both classic and modern country house kitchens. They can be straight lines or squiggly and cute. Panel structures are also famous. Classic kitchen colours are light, usually white, cream, magnolia or wood.

In contrast, modern country house kitchens come in various colours. Anything is possible, from white to light green, dark blue, grey or black. Matt fronts dominate, and high-gloss fronts are rarely found in country house-style kitchens. The front also features a matching handle. Simple handles, metal knobs or shell handles are available for this kitchen.
On the other hand, a country house kitchen without handles is unusual. The wooden kitchen table brings warmth and naturalness. In modern versions, kitchen tables with a granite or stone appearance are also often chosen.

Other decorative elements ensure a distinctive look: decorative garlands or strips on the upper edges of upper cabinets, decorative columns at the corners of the carcass or kitchen island, open shelves or cupboards with glass doors, upper cabinets, freestanding kitchen buffets and decorative elements made of brass or copper. Proper installation also plays an important role. Attractive and cute models in brass or copper fit well into classic country house kitchens, while more reserved models work well with modern versions.


Style at a glance

Not all country houses are the same. Over the years, various country house styles worldwide have also been applied to German kitchens.

Mediterranean country house kitchen

Mediterranean country home kitchens often have fronts in light pastel colours, natural stone floors, and family-friendly furnishings with large dining tables. With appropriate accessories such as mosaics, painted plant pots or woven baskets, a unique attitude to life is created that you only know from the holidays. Walls with masonry, stone or tiles fit perfectly into the Mediterranean style.

English country house kitchen

English country house kitchens are also becoming increasingly popular. Since kitchens in England often have to be placed in small rooms, this style is characterized primarily by efficiently using the available space. Classically, English kitchens have white or cream fronts, but in the modern version, your imagination is limitless in choosing colours. Another distinctive feature is the retro-looking fixtures made of bronze, copper or gold, as well as knobs made of different materials.

American country house kitchen

In contrast to English kitchens, American country house kitchens are usually located in rooms with lots of space. So, it’s not surprising that a kitchen island or stand-alone counter is often the central element of the kitchen. You can also find ceramic sinks or sinks here. A feature of the American country house is the butcher block, a square wooden table initially used in butcher shops for preparing meat. Nowadays, practical tables for preparing various dishes are also starting to be used in private kitchens.

Scandinavian country house kitchen

Scandinavian country house kitchens, dominated by clear lines in white and grey, are also widespread. Whether you choose a front with high gloss, matt or combined with wood is up to you. The Scandinavian style is generally more straightforward than other country house styles, reflected in the front panels. It’s more minimalist. Decorative elements also play a small role, giving the kitchen a timeless look.

These four country house styles are the most common in Germany. However, the only limit in the individual design of your country house kitchen is your imagination, also thanks to the many options available from manufacturers. You can look closely at various country house styles in the fully equipped kitchen studio.

Advantages and disadvantages of country house kitchens

The most significant advantage and most important argument when buying a country house kitchen is, of course, the unique atmosphere created by the kitchen. Combined with modern kitchen technology, a space that is not inferior to other kitchens in terms of functionality and still exudes pure home comfort is created.

The disadvantage is that maintenance may require more effort depending on the materials used since wooden and stone surfaces must be impregnated periodically. Additionally, the front of the cassette or panel offers plenty of space where dirt can accumulate. This results in a more significant cleaning effort compared to a smooth front. This must be taken into account when planning the kitchen.

Tips for planning

If you are considering having a country house kitchen, the first thing to remember when planning the kitchen is that it focuses on shared family life. Ideally, there should be plenty of space for a large dining area. If the plan or shape of the kitchen does not allow for a large American-style kitchen with a kitchen island or butcher block, you can choose a Scandinavian or English country house style. Kitchens there are traditionally more minor, but you can do with seating. The dining room is then integrated into the kitchen or moved to another room.

The smaller the kitchen, the more critical it is to have enough brightness. Bright colours and a well-thought-out lighting concept are recommended if natural light is lacking. Otherwise, the room will look uncomfortable and cramped. This is especially true for the fronts with cassettes, which structure the kitchen cabinets. However, this is just a recommendation. Some consumers consider this restriction to be simple. Therefore, you should display the various country house kitchen options in detail in the kitchen studio of your choice.

A modern country house kitchen dream

Mission? Comfort! It doesn’t matter whether you are in a farmhouse or a city apartment: with these tips, you can get the rustic look of a country house kitchen – and not at all rustic.
It’s as if the mere press of a button brings back memories of the aroma of fresh apple pie, baked bread, and grandma’s roast beef. A country house kitchen is the epitome of security. It dissolves much of the daily grind and has arrived today with modern style and innovative technology elements. These are the most essential basics.

Freestanding stove

Big family or lots of guests? No matter what, he was sick of them all. With multiple ovens and cooking zones, the “range cooker”, like the fireplace, is the heart of the country kitchen. Traditionally made of cast iron, one thing is most important: it is so heavy that it lasts forever and can also be passed on to the next generation, and depending on the model, it is also a heater for the entire kitchen. Please check the static before installation. Various heaters such as gas, induction or wood fire keep everyone happy, from application enthusiasts to wood cutting enthusiasts, Falcon, Ilve, Lacanche, La Cornue, La Nordica Extraflame, Smeg and Steel.

Shelves in country house kitchen

Teapots, bowls, plates, and glasses can be easily stored on top of the kitchenette, showing that you are always ready to serve a large number of guests. Decorative elements such as decorative mouldings or crowns on the top edges of tall cabinets and wall panels are important to attract attention. Open corner shelves are also a characteristic, both on the side of the kitchen island and in wall cabinets.

Front right for country house kitchen

You won’t get far from the look of a country house with a smooth front. For a natural rustic feel, a front frame in cassette form is a must. How thick it looks, whether it is wide, with more curved edges, a panel structure, or very narrow, is a question of design concept. Also important: grip! Bar or shell handles (semi-round and open downwards) are stylish, but round studs can also be used. If you decide to paint, applying a glaze to the front of the wood is recommended. It shows the grain of natural ingredients. Kitchen tables made of natural stone or timber go very well together.


Where once smoke poured out of a large chimney covered with a metal apron over an open fire, modern extractor hoods now roar quietly. They’re still disguised, hanging on the kitchen counter or as a wall hood over the line. An apron made from drywall or by a carpenter can match the look of other furniture with decorative mouldings. Some freestanding stove manufacturers also offer matching hoods for the front of the stove. Important tip: The fire risk in the kitchen is very high if a grease filter is in the hood. Often, routine cleaning is forgotten. The grease on the filter bed then acts like an accelerator. An open gas flame can quickly become the culprit, as can fat in a too-hot pan. The extractor hood separates the oil using centrifugal force, collecting it in a tray that can be cleaned by hand. They work without grease filters, making them more powerful and quieter and proven to reduce the risk of fire.

Details when installing a country house kitchen

Kitchen furniture can be easily complemented with rustic details, for example, with half-open fixtures for wooden boxes or baskets, wooden crosses for wine bottles, glass storage holders from grandma’s kitchen cupboard or old hooks from a flea market for hanging accessories and copper pots. If you choose a display cabinet with glass doors, you can complement it beautifully with dimmable lights and paint the interior colour to match the overall kitchen concept. Pull-out shelves make open shelving very practical and can add a bit of nostalgia with a half-height wooden panel on the front, for example. Extra-large and usually angular ceramic sinks, called sinks, are reminiscent of simple sinks, usually protruding slightly beyond the front and mounted somewhat lower. Anyone who has had to carry a large pot for a large group knows why: it’s easier to reach, and it’s easier on your back.