The Pros and Cons of Glass Top Dining Table

A glass top dining table delivers the perfect look for your dining room since its beauty can make your space feel more exceptional. We cannot deny that a traditional wooden table can be beautiful too, but there’s something about a glass top table that makes it more charming in any spaces.

In fact, there can be a lot of reasons to bring a glass tabletop into your dining room. First of all, the transparent glass is just awesome at delivering the illusion of space and making your room seems bigger and airier than it actually is.

Moreover, a dining table with a glass top is a bit more versatile as well. As a result, you can include a variety of dissimilar interior decors in your space. Glass tops can appear great in any home interior style. From vintage to traditional to modern style, a glass top dining table will look great.

However, before buying a glass tabletop for your dining room, make sure to understand the pros and cons of getting one for your home. Fortunately, we’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a glass tabletop for your dining room below. So, here we go!

The Pros of Buying Glass Top Dining Table

The awesome look of a glass tabletop isn’t the only reason why many homeowners choose this type of table. In fact, there are some other reasons that can make you fall in love with this type of table. Here are some of the pros of getting a glass tabletop for your dining table.

1. It provides elegant and modern looking

Glass is able to give off an appearance of sophistication and elegance which seems especially fitting for a contemporary and modern interior. Depending on the style, a glass top dining table can also provide a formal look that makes a perfect look for fine dining.

2. It requires low maintenance

This is one of the popular reasons why many people love this type of table. Well, a glass tabletop is very easy to clean. With a wet or dump piece of cloth, you can wipe the tabletop to clean any dirt and dust easily. Moreover, glass is also a non-porous material that is spill resistance.

3. It lights up your dining room

One of the most appealing features of a glass tabletop is its transparency. It helps glass instantly lights up your dining room and provides a lighter and airier vibe you need. It reflects more light too. That’s why it becomes a good choice for a cramped and narrow dining room.

4. It’s available in a variety of styles

Like other materials, a glass top dining table also comes in a variety of different styles. Interestingly, a glass dining table can also feature a different material as a base like wrought iron, wood, chrome, and even wicker or rattan. The glass surface can be tinted and frosted as well.

The Cons of Buying Glass Top Dining Table

Unluckily, there are also several downsides that you can face when selecting a glass tabletop for your dining table. For instance, it can be a bit dangerous since glass is a kind of fragile material. Other than that, here are some cons of getting a glass tabletop for your dining table.

1. It requires regular cleaning

It’s no secret that you can easily clean a glass tabletop. However, you need to clean it regularly since glass is prone to dust, fingerprints, smudges, and spills that can damage its original pristine look. That’s why you need to wipe it to keep it clean after every use.

2. It demands good décor and flooring

A glass top dining table demands good flooring since everything underneath is going to be visible. Moreover, you need matching dining chairs that look good as well to make the most of the glass tabletop. So, before deciding to buy a glass tabletop, ask yourself: will the sight be aesthetically pleasing?

3. It’s not as sturdy as the other materials

Although glass is naturally strong, we cannot deny that this material isn’t as durable as stone or wood. Since it’s fragile, you need to make sure that it won’t get chipped or scratched. Once the surface has been damaged, it’s unattainable to make it look new again.

How to Choose a Glass Tabletop for Your Dining Table

Now, you’ve known some of the pros and cons of getting a glass top dining table for your home. If you figure out that a glass tabletop is still a perfect choice for your dining table, you can now consider finding the best one in the market.

But, before you go, here are some points that you need to take into account. First, you have to think if the other family members will love it. If you have young kids who love to play around inside your home, selecting a kind of fragile material like this is probably not a wise decision.

Moreover, you need to take the surrounding décor and furniture into account as well. Think whether the glass will fit in with your existing style or not. The point is you shouldn’t get a glass top dining table just because you think it looks pretty.

If the glass tabletop doesn’t enhance the look of your dining room, or if it contrasts your existing interior too much, you may need to consider finding the other materials for your dining table. If it does make your room look more perfect, just go for it!

In addition, you need to consider the right shape for your glass tabletop as well. From round to rectangular, there are actually some possible shapes to choose from. If you need a dining table for a smaller family member, a round or square table can be a good choice.

All in all, a glass tabletop can be a perfect choice for your dining room since it can make your space seems more modern and airier. However, a glass top dining table is probably not an ideal choice if you have young children or pets at home.