The Tantalizing Dark Living Room Ideas

For most people, Dark living room sounds uncommon to be created. Most people commonly choose the bright or pastel colour for their living room. but in fact, they just don’t know how the dark colour could be the best thing when it managed well to your living room. it will definitely change many things.

The dark colour is assumed to have a gloomy impression. But actually, dark colour has another side which is really cool if you can see it. It brings modern, mysterious, elegant, and luxurious impression into one. It will give warmth feeling instead of creepy and gloomy. But you need to really manage it by doing these things.

Combine The Dark Colour and The Light One for Dark Living Room Ideas

Black, navy blue, grey, or brown could be categorized as the dark colour. It mostly assumed that if it was applied to your wall room, it will definitely bring a dark and gloomy impression. But it was not always gloomy actually. It could be really cool if you combined it with other colours and cool furniture.

No need to brighten up your Dark living room. you just need to add light colour or other colours that match with those dark colours and could bring cool thing into your living room. By applying dark style into your room, it will give modern style and luxury touch into your comfy living room.

Because it was uncommon, so that’s why this living room would be the best living room ideas you can try. Not many people do this for their living room. if you do this style, you will absolutely be anti-mainstream that succeed to leaves people quiet because they’re amazed by your amazing living room.

Put The Match, Comfy, and Match Furniture Inside

Besides the dark colour for the walls, you also need to put the matching furniture which can actually add the luxurious and elegant impression towards your living room. try to put comfy coach into it with grey or even brown colour to make your room become more elegant yet stay comfortable, but not flat.

The touch of the metallic thing or gold also looks good to add the glamour impression into your Dark living room. to give a refreshing touch of your darkroom you can also add the accessories with a brighter colour, such as green, yellow, or even red. Your mysterious room will stay refreshing.

The bold rug seems good to put on the floor. It will strengthen the mysterious impression of your room without giving a monotonous impression at all. Other strong colours still could be used to make everything look well-blended. Make sure you don’t use too much dark colour or it will really gloomy.

So, from the article above, you could know that making this kind of living room style is really tricky. That’s why you really need to explore in many things, brave enough to play with the colour, and also choose the right furniture. Then, you’ll be ready to make your own Dark living room.