How to Clean a Black Leather Sofa Easily and Safely


A black leather sofa is chosen by many people to beautify their living room more. There are some reasons for this choice. First, it is because leather tends to be more qualified and durable. Second, the color black itself is considered good for any living room interior. Sure, when the sofa is dirty, it will not be visible as well. Although this sofa idea is definitely a good choice, you should not ignore the treatment. Without the right treatment, there must be problems occurred starting from the fungi and damages. So, what are the treatments to give? Here they are.

Use a Special Brush

To avoid the black sofa becoming dull after some years, you should do regular treatments for at least once in two months. To clean up the leather, you must provide a special brush that is also made from leather. You should not use other cleaning products like conventional brush or wet rug. Those things can even cause a scratch on the leather’s surface. The leather brush is safe to be used on the entire part of the black sofa. Make sure to brush it thoroughly so that the dirt can be all gone. Yes, it must be completely brushed since the dirt on a black sofa is commonly not simply seen.

Put It in the Open Air

After brushing the leather sofa, you are not allowed to put it outside under the sunlight. You should only put it in the open air indeed but there must be something above it like canopy or roof. The air tends to remove the fungi more easily. Besides, it is also a good solution if you think the sofa has been moist. It is basically the lack of having a leather sofa. At one point, it is indeed very durable and not easily damaged. However, it cannot be placed in both humid and sunlight areas. The humid on the leather area causes the growth of fungi. Meanwhile, sunlight makes the leather’s surface easily dull.

Leather Liquid Cleaner

In some cases, there is a stain on the leather sofa that cannot be simply removed only using a brush or placing it in the open air. You should not worry since you can buy a liquid cleaner and then clean it up. Of course, it must not be a conventional cleaner for other fabrics. The liquid used is special for leather stuff to avoid things like the surface is peeled off.

In rubbing using the leather liquid cleaner, you must not also use random rug you find at your home. In the package of the cleaner, there is commonly a special rug given inside. Pour the cleaning liquid in a bucket of water and then wipe it thoroughly using the leather rug. You can continue the process by putting the sofa in the open air. Wait for some minutes until it is dry. Then, put it back in the living room.

Leather Lotion

This is actually optional to treat the black leather sofa. But in order to make the sofa look like a new one, you can use the leather lotion. The lotion is suggested to be used only once in three months or after the other steps of treatment mentioned above. The leather lotion is functioned like a varnish on the wooden stuff that keeps the furniture glossy. The amount of lotion to smear should not be too much. You only need to make sure that the sofa has been smeared thoroughly. The lotion basically consists of some chemical substances that may damage or peel off the rug when it is used above than what it has been suggested.

Alternative Stuff to Clean the Leather Sofa

Interestingly, there is also an alternative to clean the leather sofa. Particularly when there are fungi on the sofa’s area, it must be not enough to brush it. Aside from the cleaning liquid for leather, there are some ingredients that are effective and also safe for your leather. The ingredients are tissue or a very smooth rug, kitchen vinegar, water, and soap water. For the soap used for the soap water, it is recommended to use the baby soap in which the ingredients tend to be purer and safer.

What are the steps? First of all, the cleaning process should be done outside. Just like the rule mentioned in the previous points, you should put the sofa in the open air that is not directly radiated by the sun. Why should it be cleaned outside? It is to avoid the spore of the fungi is to spread around. Wipe the sofa’s surface using the smooth rug that has been soaked on the soap water. Squeeze the rug before applying it.

Second, rub gently the part with fungi or stain with the wet rug. The rubbing process should not be too hard since it is too risky and damaging the leather. For the stained area, it may take a long time to clean it off. So, you may need to be patient for this. Third, make a solution of the kitchen vinegar and water. Repeat the rubbing process using this solution until the stain and fungi are completely removed.

There is another smooth tissue and rug that is still dry and clean for sure. Wipe the entire part of the sofa smoothly using it until you are sure that it is clean and dry. Place the sofa in the open air for around 2 hours. Then, the sofa can just be placed in the living room and it is ready to use. If it is needed, you can smear the leather lotion as well.

Hire a Furniture Cleaning Service

All the process of leather sofa cleaning can just be done by yourself for sure. However, if you think you are not experienced enough and you want to avoid all risks behind, hiring a furniture cleaning service is recommended. Commonly, they have their own ways of cleaning the leather products without making it damage or scratch even a little bit. You only need to wait for some minutes until the black leather sofa is brought back to your home in a cleaner and neater condition.