The Inspirations of Minimalist Sofa Bar Table in a Kitchen



Do you ever think of giving a minimalist sofa bar table in your kitchen? Well, small houses sometimes force their owners to combine dining rooms with kitchens. The problem that then arises is that a small sized kitchen will often feel more congested if you add a dining table. For those of you who are experiencing problems like this, you should get rid of the dining table and replace it with a minimalist bar table.

This bar is smaller than an ordinary dining table so it is suitable to be placed in a small kitchen. This bar table is often used as a kitchen table to organize food. It’s quite multifunctional and saves space, right? For those of you who are interested in using a minimalist bar table, consider the following inspirations!

Minimalist Scandinavian-style sofa bar table

A distinctive feature of Scandinavian style is the use of white and natural impression. This minimalist bar table is made using wooden boards painted white and retained its texture. The result is simple but creates a natural impression and the illusion effect of a wider room.

Minimalist monochrome sofa bar table

A monochrome theme will not be timeless, including for your small kitchen. The kitchen interior like this gives a chic and simple impression. This minimalist bar table is made of white plastic material on the bottom and black on the surface. A minimalist bar table model like this is suitable for you who live alone or newly married couples.

Minimalist dark sofa bar table

In the world of interiors, small rooms are recommended to use bright colors to make them look wider. However, if you like the interior of a dark room, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s given good lighting. If necessary, place a few small green pots on the minimalist bar table as a simple decoration.

Minimalist sofa bar table connected outdoor area

One way to expand the small kitchen is to connect it to the outdoor area. You can make a minimalist bar table facing the window on both sides. When guests arrive, take advantage of both sides of the minimalist bar. One minimalist bar table, two atmospheres. Cool?

Minimalist sofa bar table facing the window

The kitchen table area cannot be connected to a bar table because of limited space? Try putting a minimalist bar table facing the window. With this position, you can enjoy food while looking at the beauty of the garden outside the house.

The quirky minimalist sofa bar table

This minimalist bar area is dominated by white. In order not to look monotonous, you can add bright colors to the bar stools and cupboard frames. This simple color game can make the eye more interested in looking at it longer. The aesthetic value of the kitchen is increasing.

Minimalist sofa bar table in a warm kitchen

Dominated by wood material, this kitchen feels warm and comfortable. The minimalist bar table used is also given matching colors with the wooden floor used. The design is simple but comfortable enough to be a place to enjoy food and drinks.

Minimalist circular sofa bar table

In general, a minimalist bar table is made in a rectangular shape. But this minimalist bar table is actually made in a circle. This form is perfect for those of you who want to interact with family members.

Do you have other ideas related to the sofa bar table?