The References for Simple Dog Sofa Bed


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Definitely, you want to provide a comfortable bed for your beloved dog. Then, you may buy or make a dog sofa bed. This article has a creative bed reference for your dog, of course without consuming a lot of space and you can make it yourself. Come see the following reference!

Dog sofa bed made of wood

Or if you like to assemble wood, you can use the method above. Only collect used wood that is still good, and arrange your own dog bed. Given a nice color paint will add to the beauty of this wooden dog bed.

Dog sofa bed made of used tires

Have unused used tires? Just paint with striking colors and make a comfortable dog bed. You can put it next to your bed to get closer to you.

It can also be designed cute with a ribbon accent if you have a small female dog. Is this really funny, friend?

Dog sofa bed made of a suitcase

Or maybe you have unused used luggage? Try to be decorated as well as possible and function change becomes a comfortable place for your dog. Just add a cloth that is thick enough for a dog.

Friend, add with cute and unique decorations to make it more attractive and funny. Are you interested in making your own beloved dog bed? Use items that are already unused. Besides saving costs, it is also useful to reduce the number of goods in the warehouse.

Additional information

When you are looking for a bed for our furry friend, you should make sure that the bed we choose meets the following criteria:

  • The bottom is not slippery. When our dog slides into his bed something we don’t want is the bed slides and makes him fall. A mobile dog bed that is not only a risk of injury to our dog, but also dangerous for people around the house. We can use an anti-slippery mat if the bed does not have an anti-slippery base.
  • Easy to clean. If you have a small dog, buy a dog bed, which can be washed in a washing machine with a temperature of more than 60 ° C. This technique will kill lice eggs and dust mites. If we have time, dry it in the sun to dry completely. Or we can spray it first and dry it in the sun, if we can’t wash the bed, make sure the cover can be washed.
  • Warm or elevated. If we live in a cold area or if our dog is sleeping outside, the bottom of the bed which is hollow or that can be raised is ideal to keep our pets from the cold ground.
  • Many beds have a waterproof cover, which is very useful for pets who like to go straight to bed even in wet conditions. You can also keep a few old towel collections on the bed if your pet is a little wet.
  • Cannot be damaged. Especially for puppies or dogs that like to chew, make sure their beds are very strong, there is no part that can be chewed or swallowed by the chewer, avoid beds equipped with heating!
  • Large enough to lie fully. We need a place that allows our dog to lie on a hot day, or curl up in cold weather. If our dog is young, make sure we have a bed that is suitable when he is older.

Those are the creative references for a dog sofa bed.