How to Decorate a Room with A Floral Sofa



A floral sofa can bring a certain energy and brilliance to a design scheme of a room. A bold floral print on the couch and sofa could be as colorful and refreshing as a bouquet of fresh flowers. On the other hand, floral prints could be a bit intimidating for some people to use it as a decorative element. However, do you know that the prints could help to put anything in the room together? There is a set of rules when it comes to utilizing the floral print in the room especially if you use it on a sofa or couch.

Repetition and color

The colors you choose in the print of a floral sofa can be utilized to the color scheme of the room. The background color of the print or the neutral one could be repeated and infused to the walls. You can also the medium-toned hues to be repeated on other elements like rugs, carpet, and drapes or other upholstery that plays a solid role in the room. Vivid and bright hues could be applied to other accessories and small accents like candles, table lamps, picture frames, and so on.


Basically, the scale of floral prints could affect the mood and style of accents, furniture, and furnishings in the whole room. If you want to bring up the eclectic or modern sense, you may use oversized or bold floral prints. The motifs can be applied on small items like pillows.

For vintage and feminine sense, you can try something smaller and dainty for the floral prints. However, small prints could appear very busy if you use it on a big or wide surface. It will be wiser and more appealing if you pair the small printed floral patterns with big ones. This way will also allow you to make visual interest. Still, you need to make sure that the element in it is cohesively matching to the background colors.


It cannot be denied that many modern floral prints reflect a heavy visual weight especially if you also let bold and bright colors involved in it. On the other hand, mixing too many prints in one same room could be very overwhelming. It is important to maintain a balance in the room.

In order to keep the balance in the room, you may need to include some solid colors for furnishings and decor according to the colors you bring out from the floral print of your sofa. The floral motif from the sofa could be a focal point in the room if you are willing to set a solid color on the wall behind the sofa.

Line and form

Basically, the style of your sofa can determine the style of floral prints you would choose. As we have mentioned earlier, you can even bring style by choosing the size of the floral patterns. However, whether you choose an old-fashioned style or modern style, it is better to stick with clean and smooth lines while letting open space underneath your floral sofa even though you can always decide something else in the end.