Tips to Choose the Best Leather Sofa



Best leather sofa is suitable for you who love a classic style. A leather sofa becomes a favorite of some people because it looks fancy, classy, and elegant as well. This kind of sofa is always capable of being a focal point in a room, especially in a living room. Even though a leather sofa is pricey, many people do not doubt to purchase it because it worths the benefits. For you who are interested to have a leather sofa, here are the tips to choose the best one.

Typical Smell

You are able to recognize a genuine leather sofa from its smell. A high-quality and genuine leather sofa has a typical smell as one of the characteristics. Unlike a synthetic leather sofa that has a vinyl smell or chemical smell. So, if you are about to buy a genuine leather sofa, you can pay attention to the smell of the leather material used.

Do not Pay Attention to the Price

You probably think to use a practical way of choosing a leather sofa by looking at the price differences. In fact, the price cannot guarantee the quality of the leather sofa. So, do not too focus on the price when you are going to buy the sofa. You should check the label. Find the details about the leather material used for the sofa and check it. Do not doubt to ask the shopkeeper about the leather sofa you are going to choose. If the price of the genuine leather sofa is way cheaper than the standard price, it is possible that the sofa is an imitated one.

Pay Attention to the Leather Layer

Check the back of the sofa, exactly at the end of the leather stitch. See if there is only one piece of leather or several layers of leather that are sewn together. A high-quality leather sofa usually has 3 layers to 6 layers of genuine leather materials which are sewn into one. If a big leather sofa is covered with only a layer of leather, the leather sofa is probably fake or not the genuine one.

It is not Really Soft

A genuine leather sofa does not have a soft and smooth surface just like the imitated one. It is because an imitated leather sofa uses a technology that is able to produce layers that resemble genuine leather. So, it is not natural anymore. On the other hand, a genuine leather sofa has a more rough surface than the imitated leather sofa.


A genuine leather sofa is possible to be fireproof. While the imitated leather sofa is flammable. For example, if you accidentally drop a cigarette on a genuine leather sofa, it will not get burned or holed. Things will be different in an imitated leather sofa.

A leather sofa has great durability and its fancy design can make your interior design looks more classy. But because the price of this kind of sofa is not affordable, you should be careful about buying the best leather sofa.